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Sage 300 Solutions

Why choose Sage business management solutions?

Sage has more than 30 years of experience helping millions of small and medium companies make smarter decisions when it comes to  managing their business.

In fact, we help more than 3 million customers worldwide to be more effective by making smarter decisions. Whether your business is growing locally or expanding globally, we have a solution for every stage that's flexible and scalable to suit your business needs.

Manage multiple companies and currencies

Sage 300 solutions makes it easy to set up and manage multiple companies, close books, and report results by company or consolidated company.

Eliminate international business complexity

With Sage 300, you can maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rates, get daily updates, and automate the gains or losses from fluctuations.

Simplify inventory management

Ship orders on time, from multiple locations. Simplify your inventory—including shipments, returns, and adjustments—with multi-location inventory tracking.

Automate your finances

Simplify your monthly bank reconciliations. Detect unrecorded transactions, errors and differences, and easily correct to reconcile your books with your bank statements.

See how sales and marketing are performing

Create a single customer view across your organisation. Open up new opportunities for growth with greater insight into business performance, better efficiency and productivity, and more effective communications.

Sage 300 Business Management Solutions

Our technology gives you a powerful set of business tools to grow and scale your operation.

Sage 300 Online

Perfect for growing small and medium businesses that need a robust financial and business management solution hosted in the cloud.

  • Be more responsive with quick access to financial information to track business performance.
  • Remove the IT headache by having all upgrades and enhancements taken care of for you
  • Improve customer response times, process cycle time and overall employee productivity with real-time collaboration
  • All data is highly secure in the cloud with full control over user access
  • Make collaboration across your teams more efficient using real-time information.
  • Transform disparate data into meaningful intelligence with powerful analysis and reporting tools
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Sage 300cloud

Unlock your company’s potential, reduce costs and improve performance with enhanced business visibility with Sage 300cloud - connecting finance, operations, and inventory in multiple languages and currencies.

  • Access a unified view of your business from anywhere on any device
  • Faster, more informed collaboration and decision making with powerful analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Powerful customer relationship management and increased business visibility
  • Powerful project and services management
  • Strategically manage every aspect of the distribution cycle from purchasing to sales
  • Save time and improve the productivity of your team with Office 365 integration
  • Powerful financial management capabilities and automated businesses processes
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Compare Sage 300 Solutions

Both Sage 300 Online and Sage 300cloud can:

  • Manage inventory and your warehouse for increased accuracy
  • Manage purchasing and vendors
  • Optimise your sales and distribution process
  • Handle advanced accounting
  • Provide powerful reporting and analytics to improve visibility and make better decisions
  • Deploy on-premises or hosted in the cloud
   Sage 300 Online  Sage 300cloud
Multiple languages*, multiple currencies, multiple companies

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*Languages supported English, French, Spanish and Chinese