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Enjoy total control with tailored software for non-profit organisations

Make sure funds are maximised and used effectively, and actively recruit, manage and engage workforces across the world, no matter the country, continent or time-zone, with Sage's range of software for non-profits.

Do you know the secret of successful non-profits?

Non-profits are like businesses, except you're selling ideas and not products.

Successful non-profits need more than donations—they need technological solutions to move their mission forward. With tight budgets and a need to diversify funding streams, charities big and small want to make their money work harder to support their top priorities. Nonprofit software from Sage is specially designed to give charity organisations clarity and control over their funding, expenditure and people. 

Do more good work with flexible, user-friendly non-profit management software

The right cloud product could shave weeks off your reporting cycle and free up much-needed budget and time! Find your product today.

Sage 300cloud

Unlock your company’s potential, reduce costs and improve performance with enhanced business visibility with Sage 300cloud - connecting finance, operations, and inventory in multiple languages and currencies.

  • Access a unified view of your business from anywhere on any device.
  • Faster, more informed collaboration and decision making with powerful analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • Powerful customer relationship management and increased business visibility.
  • Powerful project and services management.
  • Strategically manage every aspect of the distribution cycle from purchasing to sales.

Running your non-profit organisation as a business

Download our guide for non-profit organisations and get advice on dealing with donors and managing funds, ensuring effective governance can take place and much more.

"Now, Sage 300cloud and Sage CRM has become indispensable at Nexus Solutions."

Astley Yip, Sales Manager
Nexus Solutions Limited, Hong Kong

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