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This website is owned and operated by Sage Hibernia Limited. For information about the terms on which you can use this website, how data collected through this website is used or for information about Sage Hibernia Limited and its products and services, please see the section below. Both Sage Hibernia Limited, Sage (UK) Ltd and Sage Payments (UK) Ltd are part of The Sage Group plc group of companies.

Legal documentation  

Our legal documents are designed to de-mystify the legal aspects of our software business, make the information you need easy to understand and give you a better understanding of our business. Find information about software piracy, details about our business conduct, including the Bribery Act and our excluded territories policy.

Terms and conditions

Find details of the terms of use on which we permit people to use our website, as well as the terms and conditions of supply relating to our online shop.

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