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Small business accounting, payroll and HR solutions

Make running your small business easier with powerful software solutions for small business accounting, payroll and HR.

Sage Accounting

Manage income and expenses with ease, master your cashflow. From €14+VAT/mo.

Sage Payroll

Pay your people securely, accurately and compliantly every time. From €11 + VAT/mo.

Sage HR

Onboard your employees, automate your HR process. From: €4.50+VAT per employee/mo.

Why small business accounting, payroll, and HR software from Sage ?

Sage has more than 40 years' experience perfecting accounting, payroll and HR software, and makes running a small business easier for over 2 million customers.

Get paid faster, get organised, and get your taxes right first time with Sage Accounting. Calculate employee pay and deductions quickly and accurately with Sage Payroll. Get your people management processes streamlined and compliant with Sage HR.

Sage Accounting

Perfect for freelancers, sole traders, and small businesses. Get 3 months free, then from €14.00 + VAT/month.

  • Customise, send and track invoices
  • Store and manage digital records
  • Forecast your cash flow
  • Connect seamlessly with your bank

Sage Payroll

Pay your people securely, accurately, and compliantly every time. Get 3 months free, then from €11.00+VAT/month.

  • Manage payroll for up to 100 employees
  • Complete pay runs in 4 simple steps
  • Stay compliant with Revenue standards and guidelines
  • Report on and analyse your payroll for informed decisions