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Building your SaaS Finance Tech Stack?

January 25th, 2023
11AM PT / 2PM ET

What is the Ideal SaaS Finance Technology Stack?

Quickly reporting your SaaS metrics, and forecasting your cash, billings, and revenue are the holy grail to scaling your SaaS business. A powerful SaaS finance tech stack provides them with the tools they need today and the flexible, future-proof technology their customers and the market demand for tomorrow.

During this event we will dive into the process for your SaaS Finance Stack:

  • Order onboarding and data flow to your financial management system
  • Application of the correct pricing and billing scenarios
  • Revenue recognition timeframes and amounts for IFRS Compliance
  • Incorporating contract modifications and credit memos throughout the lifecycle
  • All this data centralized in one system for real-time reporting, in-depth analysis, and forecasting

Watch this webinar and learn how building the right finance stack produces the data faster and more consistently.

The SaaS tech stack will continue to bring value, helping the company expand their capital-efficient model to adjacent markets and/or geographies up to your IPO and beyond. 

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