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The Redefined CFO: Evolving Roles of Canadian Finance Leaders

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Discover the 3 new types of CFOs

In response to the challenges presented by the pandemic, the role of senior decision-makers has been redefined. For Canadian finance leaders, responsibility for digital, strategy, and social aspects of their organizations has increased.

According to recent Sage research presented in The Redefined CFO Report, 77% of Canadian finance leaders are leading digital transformation efforts in their organizations. These CFOs believe digital transformation is fundamental to providing businesses with the agility and scalability needed to thrive in today’s landscape. 

Watch this webcast to hear about our research results into the evolving roles of Canadian finance leaders, the challenges they’re facing, and the steps they’re taking to embrace technology and innovation in their organizations. 

Why you should watch this webcast:

  • Gain insights from two finance industry leaders—Pamela Steer, CEO of CPA Canada and Daniel Oh, Country Manager for Sage Canada
  • Learn why Canadian CFOs believe it’s important for them to have the skills necessary to drive the adoption of new technologies
  • Find out about 3 new types of CFOs: Chief Facilitative Officers, Chief Fairness Officers & Chief Future Officers
  • Stay informed about cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation as crucial technologies for organizations to integrate
  • Discover what finance leaders are doing to recruit new employees with the right mix of technology skills

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The role of the CFO is always evolving. According to new research conducted by Sage, 78% of Canadian finance leaders say their industry actually needs a new breed of CFO.

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