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Shifting from Manual to Automatic

eBook: Signs that QuickBooks is slowing down your business

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eBook: Shifting from Manual to Automatic 

Like most organizations using QuickBooks, you probably dedicate more time than you would like to manual processes. 

QuickBooks can’t give you a single view of shared accounts, customers, and vendors across entities. Instead, your finance team jumps from one instance of QuickBooks to another. They manually track areas such as intercompany eliminations, revenue recognition, and allocations and accruals for expenses. Unsurprisingly, this invites errors and leads to even more time spent making corrections.

Modern, cloud-based accounting and ERP software can change that. By automating repetitive tasks such as purchase order workflows, vendor payments, and bank reconciliations, your finance team can shift its focus toward strategy and helping the company meet its broader goals. How can you tell if it’s time for a change? 

Download the eBook to find out.

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