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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Let's get pro-active with payroll

As Payroll Year End approaches, join our industry experts as they talk through their advice to help you ease the pressure and unlock the full potential of your business in our new webinar.

Join our new Payroll Year End webinar, the latest episode within our Accountants & Bookkeepers series

We’ve rounded up the experts so that we can provide you with all the relevant support you need to unlock the power of your business. 

As a professional, you help to ensure the nation gets paid. We want to support you continue doing what you do best, so that together, we can all thrive.

Filing pensions and producing payslips are all front of mind throughout your every day. Take advantage of the next few months to prepare and make life simple with our time-saving payroll software designed for you.

Looking where to start? How about with our tips to prepare for payroll year end! 

What you can look forward to:

  • How to start the new tax year with ease
  • How Payroll Bureau Manager can support you
  • Save time, reduce errors and eliminate manual processes to pay people easily

Our industry expert panel

Learn more about our industry expert panel who will be supporting/guiding you through making the most of Payroll Year End 
Steve Watmore, Product Manager, Sage

Steve has been a payroll professional for over 20 years having worked in customer service sales, change management and Product Management roles. He is dedicated to elevating the role of payroll to be recognised as the business-critical driver it is and to provide data driven insight that helps decision making in the small businesses we represent. As a product manager he's always looking for customer ideas and pain points to build and improve their processes.


Having joined Sage over 17 years ago, Alex has a primary focus on payroll and is dedicated to working with Accountants, Bookkeepers and Payroll Bureaus. Alex has worked in a variety of roles including product support and enablement and is currently a Product Marketing Manager for both Sage 50 Payroll Bureau and Sage Business Cloud Payroll. Plus, he's the voice of the customer to ensure successful product features launch, which meet customer needs

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