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Increase customer trust through traceability

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In a time of accelerated disruption fueled by global events and challenges such as trade wars, environmental changes, epidemics, trade across borders and ever-changing and increasing regulatory pressures, to name but a few, global manufacturing supply chains face unprecedented pressures. Nobody understands this better than food & beverage manufacturers that already must master fulfilling high customer expectations in terms of product quality and compliance with regulations while keeping prices competitive.

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  • Why Traceability matters today - 96% of food & beverage companies focus on improving their visibility, with 56% particularly concentrating their efforts on the endÔÇÉto end supply chain.
  • The benefits and the broader opportunities from reactive to proactive -There are several ways of looking at traceability. Traceability initiatives vary across food & beverage manufacturers, all the way from a reactive approach to a more proactive one that delivers more value-added benefits in return.
  • The role of technology – being able to easily access accurate real-time information is key to traceability