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33% of distributors are leveraging digitization to improve processes

Our latest IDG Report reveals how 33% of distributors are implementing new collaboration tools and technologies to optimize their supply chains.

How distributors are modernizing to overcome a range of challenges (video)

Jessica Groopman, Industry Analyst & Founder, Kaleido Insights

Distribution is proving to be a resilient and innovative sector. Distributors around the world are currently facing huge external and internal pressures, but they are rising to the challenges. The majority of them are putting in the hard work and resources required to transform, adapt, survive, and thrive in an unpredictable business climate.

How security issues have risen by 600% this year

Our latest IDG Report reveals the top challenges for distributors today, and which external forces are causing the biggest headaches. Read why 64% of issues concern visibility, traceability, tracking and placement and why security risk has risen 600%.