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Collect, analyze, and control employee attendance and labor data

A modern time and attendance solution can save 3 to 5 percent in payroll expenses

Sage Time and Attendance is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art workforce management solution that enables you to collect, analyze, and take immediate control of your employees’ attendance and labor data—online and in real time.

Sage Time and Attendance automates your processes by integrating seamlessly with Sage HRMS as well as optional web-based manager/employee self-service functions—all available through a secure Microsoft Windows® environment.

Watch this webcast recording to learn how Sage Time & Attendance enables you to:

  • Deploy with Self-Service—Eliminate the burden of manual processes with employee and supervisor self-service features.
  • Managed by Teams—Create, manage, and respond to requests, approvals, and alerts completely electronically.
  • Ensure Compliance—with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance.
  • Perform Calculations—Accurately calculate complex rules for determining wages and labor allocations
  • Collect Time—Easily collect, automate, and analyze employees’ time and attendance data
  • Audit for Accuracy—Guarantee accuracy and compliance for all payroll information with audit functions.