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How self-service business intelligence can shorten time to decision

Make faster, more informed decisions with Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Do members of your organization have access to the information needed to make decisions and plan?

Or is the IT department heavily relied upon to provide the data needed? In today’s world, being autonomous and able to make quick decisions are key to success.

Self-service business intelligence (BI) solutions can facilitate decision making by providing users of any technical level access to real-time information in a clear and visual way. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is an intuitive business intelligence and data management application that is embedded within your Sage ERP system. SEI puts data into the hands of those who need it and helps shorten the time to decision.

Watch the webcast recording to learn how to:

  • Easily navigate a BI solution
  • Take advantage of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards
  • Create and customize new reports on your own
  • Securely share important information with other stakeholders