Sage Payments Solutions Partner Program

Partner with Sage.

Partners are one of our greatest assets as they connect the world of payments to the merchants, and small and midsized businesses we serve. We offer lots of varied opportunities for people to partner with us.

Our partners are our allies.

Partners are the people who resell our products, bundle their products and services with ours, refer merchants to us, develop, and consult on our products.

Sage is an international company with employees across the globe and more than 30 years of experience. Our support is first-class and we believe in customers for life. It's why we're a known as a leader in the payment ecosystem.

Smart business partners choose Sage.

Partnering with Sage is easy and delivers innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of industries and platforms.

Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) and Agents

Welcome to the new world of payments.

Sage builds strong, lasting ISO relationships founded on trust, reliability, and personalized communication. As an industry leader and globally trusted brand, the Sage Partner Sales Program for ISOs and agents brings the world of payments to your doorstep to support and grow your business.

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Sage Payment Solutions partner programs

Technology Partners

Sage Payment Solutions partner programs

Payment solutions for all

If you're from a small to medium business and you're searching for payment solutions that can integrate with an existing platform—good news. Your search is over.

If you're a software provider, get positive results for your clients by partnering with a leader in business management software and services. Sage has more than 30 years of experience, including integration with accounting and payroll software.

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Sage Payment Solutions development partner program

Open platform and tools provided

Sage Payment integration solutions are tailored to fit a wide range of needs—from simple plug-and-play applications with a variety of the largest ecommerce, accounting, and technology providers to completely custom.

Get developer tools, code samples, API, and SDK resources to develop and test applications.

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Referral Program

Refer a good solution and get paid for it.

Become are Referral Partner Independent software vendors, accountants and other resellers can earn extra income by referring prospects to Sage Payments Solutions for their merchant services needs. The Sage referral partner programs offer many types of companies the opportunity to quickly build additional value for customers and increase your revenue. Becoming a partner is easy, click here to complete a form and a representative will contact you shortly.

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Sage Payment Solutions referral program

Bank Partner Program

Sage Payment Solutions bank referral program

Go beyond your competitors—improve your customers' profitability

With more ways to accept and process payments, Sage Payments Solutions helps you differentiate you from your competition. The comprehensive menu of our products and services makes it easy to offer your customers more to bank on. Our complete set of business solutions combined with best-in-class customer service enables your customers to create the package that best suits their business needs.

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Many of the best organizations in the country turn to Sage.

If you're looking for integrated payment solutions for you or your member organizations, talk to us. Our associations include:

  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Autism Speaks
  • Ministry Resource
  • Habitat for Humanity

Sage Payment Solutions bank referral program
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