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How to get paid faster and maintain cash flow: FREE downloadable invoice templates

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Invoice Templates

We surveyed our Facebook fans recently to find out what they look for when they sit down to analyze their company finances. The majority of survey respondents commented that making sure they can maintain day to day cash flow is their biggest priority.

Getting paid on time is vital for small businesses, especially in the first few years, and even more so when you rely on a small number of large customers. Without the right invoicing method, you can’t guarantee your clients or business partners will pay you accurately and on time.

invoice template

Using professional invoice templates is a great way to start properly managing your company’s finances. Our free invoice templates are designed to impress your clients, clearly communicate your payment terms and – most importantly – make sure you get paid on time.

Our templates are simple, easy-to-use Word documents designed in three styles ranging from plain and simple to a more enhanced design. Just download the invoice templates, choose your favorite design, add your company, customer and order details plus any special instructions and you’re good to go.

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Download our free professional invoice templates to help you get paid faster.

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