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Your people are your most important asset

The success of any business depends on its people, so really get to know the people in your organization. The better you know your company’s products or services, processes, and employees, the better you can predict how a prospective candidate might fit. Employees are a company’s greatest asset, therefore hiring the right people is critical to helping your organization achieve its mission.

The stakes are high because the cost of recruiting, onboarding, and training the wrong person, followed by termination and another round of recruiting, can cost a company as much as three times the first year’s salary for the position in question.

But it’s about more than saving money on human resource management. The wrong hire can disrupt productivity, sour the attitude of your teams, or even cause turnover of other valuable top performers. So, what's the best way to minimize the odds of making a bad hiring decision?

Your solid plan for success

Your ability to attract and keep the best people will determine your company’s future success. But human resource management is not all about who offers the highest salary. It’s about offering each employee the training, environment, and experience that ensures they are happy, engaged, and motivated.

If that sounds straightforward, it’s not. A 2016 study by the Hay Group revealed employee engagement levels around the world.

While 72 percent of US workers were engaged, figures for the UK (65 percent), France (61 percent), and South Africa (68 percent) were less optimistic. And different surveys use different measures. US research company Gallup keeps a daily track of employee engagement and according to a 2016 report, just one third of US workers are engaged at work—a figure that has barely changed in more than a decade. The overriding message is that human resource managers need to understand how their best people work (and grow).

A smooth hiring process

Working with hiring managers, plan a smooth recruitment process—for internal employees and applicants. You should also ensure a full and thorough onboarding process and provide regular feedback. Monitoring the progress of your hires and providing support where it's needed will help employee retention.

The good news is with the right human resource management software, you can equip your business with everything you need for a happier, more productive workforce.

Human resource management hiring process

An effective hiring process starts with the company approving and posting the position. From there, recruiters or employers must screen and interview applicants. Then, they can check the background and references of candidates before making a final decision and offering a job. The company then determines a start date and prepares the applicant for completing any necessary job orientation.


A complete on-premise human resource management solution that will help you maximize every dollar you invest in your employees.

  • Manage time and attendance
  • Go paperless
  • Manage your employee benefits
  • Make smarter decisions about your people
  • Use powerful HR add-ons
Sage Business Cloud People

Great people make a great business. Unlock the potential of human resources to bring out the best in your talent.

  • All your people information in a single, secure system of record, with access on any browser or device
  • Get accurate and reliable analytics for smarter people decisions
  • Hire the best people, faster, with paperless onboarding
  • Empower your people to manage their own HR tasks
  • Engage your workforce via a tailored and branded self-service portal
  • Benefit from unparalleled reliability and security, while meeting global and local compliance requirements

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