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Cloud based HR software for UK businesses

HR tools and packages to attract and retain the best talent. Keep your staff happy and productive.

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What is HR software?

HR software, also known as HR management software, provides a toolkit for your human resources department to help manage employee-related tasks.

From cloud-based HRM programmes to consultancy, our HR solutions give your team everything they need to foster a positive working environment.

Support your HR department and streamline daily tasks, so they can focus on making your company the workplace of choice. Your employees are your organisation’s most valuable asset. 

Maximise your employees’ potential with HR systems

There are many benefits to implementing a good HR management system. Whether you’re a small business or a medium business, the HR department is the beating heart of your company.

Empowering your HR managers with the right software for hiring, onboarding and retaining the best talent is paramount to success. Our HR tools can help you achieve that. We’ll also help future-proof your business with succession planning management.

Streamline HR tasks

Our software streamlines personnel tasks with features that include an employee self-service platform for staff to submit paperless expenses and holiday requests.

You’ll also be able to track hiring and onboarding with ease, and integrate better payroll processes for a simple and efficient way to keep on top of everyday tasks.

Manage employee performance with ease

Develop an effective performance management process with simple ways to track employee behaviour, performance and attendance.

With our HR and onboarding software, you’ll be able to identify and oversee employees’ skills and training needs, easily recognising opportunities for growth.

Plus, customisable reports, databases and dashboards provide actionable insights, helping employees stay engaged with their own career development.

Make informed business decisions

Our cloud based human resource software keeps employee data in one central, secure location that’s accessible online to the people who need it, anytime they want.

Pull reports that provide management with a holistic view of how the business is running. You can plan for future staffing requirements and support the areas of your business that need it most with details on attendance, time management and team performance.


Give your staff the tools to grow

Nurture your talent, encourage collaboration, and maintain an engaged workforce with Sage. In fact, research shows that our online HR software can increase productivity by over 80 %. 

Sage HR

Ideal for up to 250 employees

For small to medium sized businesses that want a modular HR system that will simplify processes across the end-to-end employment journey

  • Simplified end-to-end HR system that’s easy to administrate
  • Core HR and leave management with additional modules for performance, timesheets, shift scheduling, recruitment and expenses
  • Modular design, pricing and setup
  • Ready to go out of the box, no implementation required
  • Establish a single source of truth for all your employee data
  • Automate people processes to reduce admin and improve productivity
  • Easy to navigate employee self-serve for better employee experience 

Sage People

Ideal for 200+ employees 

For medium sized businesses that want to manage global or multi-locational teams from a single, scalable cloud system

  • Highly configurable HR and people solution managed by your HR team 
  • Core HR, attendance and leave, performance and talent management, compensation management with additional recruitment module available 
  • Built on Salesforce, an enterprise grade platform
  • Team of implementation experts to get maximum value, followed by a dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Meet multi-national, multi-currency and multi-locational employee requirements 
  • Advanced workflows and configurable reporting to meet specific business requirements 
  • Customisable branding and content per business area for personalised employee self-serve 

Sage HR Advice Manager

For businesses wanting unlimited access to professional, fully qualified advice teams for HR, employment law, and health and safety advice.

  • Choose what advice you need, when you need it – from employment law to resource management
  • Work on existing and historical cases quickly and efficiently with Case Manager
  • Unlimited access to advice. Speak to our specialist advisors as often as you need at no additional charge.
  • Assurance of £20,000 indemnity protection per case
  • Access hundreds of useful policy documents and easy to understand HR advice

Sage HR Advice Director

For businesses looking for unlimited access to a qualified, expert consultant who'll work remotely as part your team or as your primary HR provision.

  • Access to a dedicated expert consultant for HR or resource management advice
  • Unlimited telephone support and 24/7 online advice
  • Assurance of £50,000 indemnity protection per case
  • Tailor support ; choose what advice you need and when you need it
  • Hundreds of forms, templates, and HR policies on hand to make complex laws understandable

Sage HR Advice Consultancy

For businesses looking for unlimited access to a qualified, expert consultant who'll work remotely as part your team or as your primary HR provision.

  • Face-to-face advice from a dedicated, professional HR consultant
  • A flexible service fits around your timetable
  • Help and support for any of your HR needs
  • Professional in-depth reviews of your HR documents, systems, and procedures
  • Fixed daily rate - with no hidden costs
  • Your choice in our level of involvement - we can work with your team or operate independently

Research report series : HR in the moment

65 % of HR and People leaders said they’re leading change in their organisation. Are you ? Find out more in our research series, exclusively for HR leaders. 

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