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Smart payroll solutions for a smooth Payroll Year End

Take the pain out of payroll with Sage. Get smart, HMRC-recognised payroll software that will help you pay your people accurately and on time. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who want to automate their payroll processes and save time.

Perfect your Payroll Year End with Sage payroll solutions

Everyone knows that happy employees are the heart of any thriving business so automating your payroll will give you the confidence that you can pay your people accurately, on time, every time.

Not everyone has time (especially at year-end!) to do complex manual calculations or understand tax rules and regulations. With automated HMRC-recognised payroll software, you can have confidence that you’ll be kept up to date with the latest Payroll Year End legislation and you’ll always have what you need to remain compliant with Sage payroll software.

Whether you are brand new to payroll looking to simply manage one or two employees, an expanding business looking to grow your workforce, or a more established business with multiple departments and cost centres, Sage has the payroll solution to meet your business needs.

Payroll from trusted experts: we've been supporting UK businesses for over 35 years

We're one of the leading names in payroll software for a reason. That’s why over 40% of the UK's businesses pay their people using Sage payroll solutions.

Sage offers two payroll solutions, choose the one that's right for your business.

Sage Payroll is cloud-based software, accessible anytime, anywhere, it’s easy to use with a simple 4 step process to complete your payroll, it’s got everything you’ll need if you’re just starting to employee your workforce or a growing business.

Sage 50 Payroll is for businesses who also want to pay their employees quickly and easily, however with powerful reporting, batch processing and additional data checks in place, it’s ideal for small and medium business with more advanced payroll needs.

Benefits of Sage payroll software

Our easy-to-use payroll solutions save you valuable time throughout year end by automating your payroll processes, ensuring you pay employees accurately, and gives you peace of mind that when you’re submitting to HMRC online your up-to-date and compliant.

Complete PYE confidence with HMRC-recognised payroll software

Save time with automated payroll processes

Pay your people accurately, on time, every time

Get expert help and support from day one

Assess and auto-enrol employees into a workplace pension

Easily create and share payslips online, anywhere, anytime

Why Sage payroll software?

For over 35 years, we've been helping companies of all sizes handle taxes and run a more efficient payroll.

Our payroll solutions support thousands of UK businesses, from start-up businesses processing their very first Payroll Year End through to larger businesses, who've processed year end for many years.

Paying over 25% of the UK private workforce - that's over 7 million employees every year - you know you can trust Sage payroll to get it right at PYE.

Features and advantages of Sage payroll software

Explore what our payroll solutions can offer your business.

Want to know more ?

Explore our cloud based solution Sage Payroll in more detail if you're looking for simplicity and ease of use or delve into our more advanced solution, Sage 50 Payroll for more analysis and powerful reporting.


Easy to set and use, our payroll solutions guide you through the payroll process step-by step.

Always supported

Get expert advice when you need it through a range of methods including webchat, telephone support or online digital content.

Complete control

Get complete control of how you manage and see your payroll data with insight, reporting and analysis at your fingertips.


Share payslips and P60s with your employees securely via a mobile app.


Automated and accurate tax calculations, without the need for in-house tax expertise.

Find the best payroll solution for your business

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Sage Business Cloud Payroll

Easy payroll software for small businesses.
  • Stay compliant with HMRC-recognised software
  • Manage Payroll for scaling businesses up to 150 employees
  • Complete your pay runs in 4 simple steps
  • One source of data, everyone sees the same information
  • Get help any time with 24/7 Support
  • Automatically assess and enrol your employees into workplace pensions
  • Employees can securely view their payslips and P60s online, anywhere, anytime
  • Collaborate in real time with your accountant
  • Easily switch from your current solution with our import tool

Sage 50 Payroll

Smart payroll for businesses with more advanced needs.

HMRC-recognised software, ideal for payroll professionals and business owners who have advanced payroll needs.

  • Smart, powerful payroll, up-to-date with the latest HMRC legislation
  • Comprehensive reporting for better data visibility and control 
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts to reduce duplication
  • Automate batch processes to help reduce errors and save time
  • Set up Departments and Cost Centre's to help analysis & manage costs
  • Includes HR Advice Online, giving you best practice on HR & Employment Law. 
  • With 1-2-1 expert onboarding help for new customers.
 Sage People icon

Sage People Payroll

A scalable cloud Payroll solution for complex, high volume payroll needs.

Built for the mid-market, ideal for businesses with hundreds to thousands of employees, multiple companies and unique and more complex business requirements who require a flexible, cloud Payroll solution.

  • Process thousands of payslips in just 2 minutes
  • Schedule whole payroll runs in advance with a no click payroll feature that requires no human intervention
  • More than 60 out of the box reports, report builder & report packs
  • Automatic compliance warnings and errors
  • Built-in migration tools for fast set-up
  • Handles P11D and Construction Industry Schemes (CIS)
  • Self-service payslips, P45s, P60s, P11d and Auto enrolment letters
  • Manage payroll in-house or scale services with Sage approved partners 
  • HMRC compliant

Got questions about Sage payroll software?

Unsure what payroll business solution is right for you?

Our award-winning team of experts can help. They're ready to answer any questions you might have, and provide advice to help you select the best payroll software for your business.

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Payroll Software FAQ's

Our Sage Payroll software won't cost you anything for the first 3 months. During that time, you can try it for free with no strings attached and the option to cancel at any time. After that, subscriptions for the Payroll Essentials plan start at £10+VAT, for 1-5 employees, then £2 per employee, per month for up to 150 employees. Standard and Premium plans then start at £20 or £30 + VAT per month, with additional costs to add up to 150 employees. Standard and Premium plans include additional, and more advanced HR features to support your payroll. 

Simply select the number of employees you have, whether it's 1 or 150, to get started in minutes. Visit our pricing page to get started.

You can upgrade or cancel your Sage Payroll software subscription at any time. Add more apps like Accounting to meet your growing needs.

Payroll software is important for businesses to stay on top of processing payroll accurately complying with the latest legislation.  Accurate payroll records are an important element of your financial records and payroll software helps you maintain consistency in your financial records. Added HR capabilities that let you track annual leave, shifts, and employee clock-ins support the accuracy of those records.  Payroll software also helps you save hours of manual work and complex calculations by doing all of the hard work for you in the software. With added built-in HR capabilities, you can manage your people effectively alongside your payroll admin Records will be more up-to-date, giving you a fuller view of your business, while also remaining compliant.

Sage Payroll is easy to set up so it also removes the need to hire an expert or outsource your payroll and HR requirements. 

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