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The fast, secure way to share employment data

Employment Verification

Free through Sage 50cloud Payroll, Employment Verification is a new benefit for your employees. Employees take control of which data is shared for credit applications, while you can save time with secure, automated data sharing.

What is Employment Verification?

Now available in Sage 50cloud Payroll, Employment Verification is available through a number of trusted partners.

Each time an employee applies for a credit application like a loan or mortgage, they can choose which information they want to share with service providers and consent to giving them automated online access to their specified payroll data.

It’s a benefit that you can choose to offer employees to give them more data control and confidence. And the online process can save you time too. Eliminate the manual work behind producing printed payslips and documents for employment verification.

How does it work?

There are four simple steps from application to verification.

  1. The application begins
    Whether it’s a loan, mortgage, or another application, your employee starts the online process with their service provider like normal.
  2. Consent is given
    Your employee gives consent to the service provider to verify the data through our trusted partners.
  3. Employee is sent to Employee Verification partner
    They share their NI number, Payroll ID, and their employer’s name, and agree to the Employment Verification partner's terms and conditions.
  4. Records are identified and shared
    Our partner checks if the employee works for a Sage customer, the employee is identified, and the verified data is shared securely with the service provider.

Why use it?

Both employees and employers can benefit from using Employment Verification. Here’s how.

Employees can:

  • Take control of payroll data and have confidence that only the relevant data is shared securely
  • Make sure employment and income data is secure and reduce the potential for fraud
  • Consent to share data directly from Sage 50cloud Payroll with service providers for applications for loans, mortgages and more
  • Save time with a fully digital process – there’s no need produce hard copies of payslips or manually share other information

Employers can:

  • Give employees direct access to their individual payroll data for credit and other applications, eliminating the need for manual payslips to be provided
  • Save time, resource, and costs by cutting out the hassle of sharing hard copy or digital data with employees
  • Leverage Sage payroll data for an automated, digital employment verification process that saves time


You and your employees will always be in complete control of your data. Employee data will only ever be shared when an employee requests it, following the four steps from application to verification. It’s only possible to use, if the Employment Verification feature is enabled in Sage 50cloud Payroll.

Employment Verification has been added to Sage 50cloud Payroll without any additional cost to you and your employees.

Yes. The service provider needs your employee’s consent for every application before they can request data. This is to make sure employees always have control of what data is shared.

We work with a number of trusted partners to deliver the Employment Verification service.

Yes. Employment Verification is designed to improve data security by giving employees more control of their data and by giving employees access when they want to share details with a service provider.

Read more about our approach to security.

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