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Sage for Accountants. Practice software and support: a winning partnership.

Transform your productivity by managing bookkeeping, tax, and payroll software for clients and your practice from one place. Add client subscriptions to earn discounts and get free online training and expert support.

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Your practice, polished.

Whether your goal is to grow business, boost productivity, or engage your existing clients, you can accelerate your success with Sage for Accountants – the single platform that combines the software you need to run your practice with expert support for your entire team. Sign up free and access:

Free tax software

Free client subscriptions for Final Accounts, Corporation Tax, and Personal Tax.

Free Client Management

Use Client Management to serve clients from one place. 


Discounts for Sage Accounting and Payroll client subscriptions.

4-step success plan

Join on-demand sessions to meet your goals, from MTD for ITSA to engaging clients.

Online courses

Access free learning resources and certifications.

Member Masterclass

Tap into talks and articles from the world’s leading experts.

Automate your admin

Automate manual work to save time from the moment you get an invoice or receipt to submitting tax returns digitally with our practice software, Sage for Accountants. 

Capture data

Clients can snap and upload documents like receipts which auto-populate in Sage Accounting through AutoEntry. 

Reconcile accounts

Work with multiple currency bank transactions in Sage Accounting and attach them to invoices without lifting a finger. 

Process payroll

Set up payroll in four simple steps to allow clients to pay their people.

Stay compliant

Prepare for year-end accounts, submit business or personal tax returns, and get built-in MTD compliance.

Client Management: Organise client work

Manage and organise clients easily from one place with Client Management – free when you sign up to Sage for Accountants.

  • Quickly access client work, manage user permissions, and set access levels for you team
  • Sort clients into folders, add and edit custom or pre-set tags to group clients by region, industry and more
  • Make free text notes and see detail like year-end dates in client records

Sage Points: Get rewards and discounts

Add subscriptions to Sage for Accountants to unlock discounts. The more subscriptions you add, the more points you earn to put towards subscriptions.

  • Pay per subscription with a minimum of 50% off Accounting RRP
  • Earn Sage Points for each new subscription
  • Your discount is applied across subscriptions

Get more than software and solutions

sage membership

In addition to the 4-step practice success plan, joining Sage for Accountants gives you automatic access to all the benefits of Sage Membership, with the tools, expertise and support you need to help you and your practice grow.

Create your 4-step practice success plan

Sign up to Sage for Accountants to access 4 hours of on-demand masterclasses that help you build a practice success plan. Unlock accreditations for each course and use your plan to meet your goals – from winning new clients and engaging existing ones to meeting MTD for ITSA. 

Membership Masterclass

Tap into talks and articles from the world's leading experts


Access free learning resources and certifications


Get product help from a community of industry peers

Get started with Sage for Accountants

Step 1: Add practice details so we can check your eligibility

Step 2: Enter billing information so that you can easily assign subscriptions to clients when ready

Step 3: Start adding clients

Have Partner Edition?  Learn about your upgrade to Sage for Accountants

Sage for Accountants

Free to join for accountants and bookkeepers

What’s included?

Software for your practice: Client Management, Sage Accounting Plus, Sage Payroll

Client service software discounts: Sage Accounting, Sage Payroll

Client service software: Sage Final Accounts, Sage Personal Tax, Sage Corporation Tax

4-step practice success plan: Reach your goals with on-demand sessions 

Sage Points entry to get discounts for your practice

Expert support for MTD regulations and getting started 

Member Masterclass: Talks and articles from the world's leading experts

 Limited time only

Sign up for Sage for Accountants today and get discounted client subscriptions -  3 months free Sage Accounting and Sage Payroll.*

*Client subscriptions for Sage Accounting and Sage Payroll must be assigned during the promotional period to qualify for the offer. Terms and conditions apply.

Your guide to Sage for Accountants

Everything you need to know about Sage for Accountants from features and benefits, to plans and pricing. 

MTD for ITSA - are you ready?

Learn when you and your clients need to submit quarterly tax returns in compliance with MTD for ITSA and how to  reduce its impact.

Powerful proposals. Clear pricing.

Prepare proposals in minutes, create clear pricing, and earn what you're worth with GoProposal by Sage.

"This is really exciting from Sage. It's going to revolutionise the way I work with my's brilliant!"

Kerry Herbert
Crook and Herbert Accountants Limited


Once you’ve signed up to Sage for Accountants, you can access Sage Membership – a community where you can network, get expert human advice, and grow your skills. Through Membership you can: 

  • Access free learning resources and certifications 
  • Get product help from a community of industry peers
  • Tap into talks and articles from world leading experts
  • Begin your 4-step practice success plan

Practice management software like Sage for Accountants makes it easier for bookkeepers and accountants to save time and improve client service. Manage workflows, client information, automate your admin, and get access to free support from expert MTD guidance to online courses for your entire team.

Practice management software should give you:

  • One clear way to manage tax, accounting, and payroll for you and your clients
  • Online training and expert compliance guidance
  • Automation for every step of your work from data capture to tax submission
  • MTD and compliance support
  • Rewards and discounts 
It’s free to sign up to Sage for Accountants. This includes Client Management, Accounting Plus, and Payroll with 50 licenses for your practice. 

With our accountant's practice software, you get one connected experience with a suite of solutions that cover everything from data capture, all the way to submitting taxes – and everything in between.

  • AutoEntry: Clients can snap and upload documents like receipts and invoices which auto-populate in Sage Accounting.
  • Accounting: Manage cash flow, invoices, foreign accounts, and use secure bank feeds. Share real-time reports with clients and view full transaction histories.
  • Payroll: Let clients serve themselves and pay people in four simple steps.
  • Compliance: Use our final accounts and tax solutions to manage one set of digital records to stay MTD compliant, minimise data entry, and view the latest client data and reporting from HMRC.

Free compliance software and discounted client subscriptions - 3 months free Sage Accounting and Sage Payroll.

There are three solutions included that connect to help you manage tax and stay compliant - Final Accounts, Personal Tax, and Corporation Tax. All are completely free.

Final Accounts

Stay secure, avoid errors, and make preparing for year-end accounts easier. 

  • Create accounts efficiently by auto-populating key data from Companies House
  • Prepare and file accounts for sole traders, partnerships, micro and small limited companies, and LLPs including abridged and filleted accounts
  • Get full integration with our Personal Tax and Corporation Tax products for a single  submission process

Personal Tax

Manage tax for your clients with ease.

  • Provide a view of real-time personal tax data held by HMRC to validate income sources
  • Get integration with final accounts pre-populates self-employment data
  • Prepare and file SA100 tax returns and supplementary pages with built-in HMRC tax calculation and online filing validations

Corporation Tax

Meet corporation tax requirements efficiently. 

  • Automatically create tax returns based on final accounts data
  • Prepare and file CT600 tax returns, supplementary pages and iXBRL computations
  • Easily file a combined corporation tax return with HMRC automatically, including iXBRL from final accounts

Sage gives you expert advice and access to learning pathways that help you expand on your skillset and keep constantly up to date on the latest legislation to help you support clients. And you can choose a way that works for you:  

Each time you add a new client with a new subscription, you’ll collect Sage Points. As you collect more points, discounts will continue to grow. And the benefits don’t stop there, get discounted client subscriptions - 3 months free Sage Accounting and Sage Payroll.

We will start moving existing Partner Edition practices across from Summer 2022. For more information, please check out this dedicated page. In the meantime, keep using Partner Edition as normal.

 Yes, you can get Sage Accounting and Sage Payroll for your practice, as well as for your client books. To find out more about Sage Accounting, click here.  

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