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No matter how you and your clients work today, or where you are on your journey to becoming digital-first- Sage gives you the technology, advice, and support you need to take maximum advantage of the future.

Become more efficient

Save time with smart automation. Reduce the effort spent on admin, chasing clients for information, and data entry.

Build closer client relationships

Offer a better client experience. Always be connected, with a live view of their data. Deliver more forward-looking advice.

Achieve your ambitions

Grow your client base. Expand your services. Increase profitability. Transform your business model.

Solutions for your practice

Accountants Edition is the ideal accounting and bookkeeping software available online. You get access to exactly the same Accounting functionality as your clients, plus added features to help you manage your clients and tasks.

Solutions for your clients

The only business management solution that companies from start-up to enterprise will ever need. With cloud solutions for Accounting, Financials, Sage X3, Payroll, People, and Payments, we enable your clients to manage every part of their business.

Expert advice, support, and education

Your Account Manager, Support Team and the Sage University are packed with everything you need to get the most of our products, navigate future changes and grow your business.

Earn rebates

Increase your revenue streams. Refer your clients to Accounting and receive a percentage of net revenue received from them in the form of rebates.

Grow your practice in the cloud

Easily on-board new clients to accounting and invite your colleagues to collaborate on their data with them in real time.

Sage Marketplace

Extend the power of Sage Business Cloud Accounting and grow your business using any of our extensive list of connected apps and modules.

The Practice of Now 2020 report

Read the latest independent accountant research with insights from 3,000+ accounting professionals worldwide. It covers topics like client demands, modern service offerings, and technologies such as automation.

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Top selling tips for your accounting services

Top selling tips for your accounting services

Selling doesn’t always come easily to accounting professionals, who may be more comfortable with the technical aspects of their work. But selling is a fact of life for any business, so it pays to explore techniques to make the process easier. If you have an effective sales strategy in place, but your sales aren’t picking [&hellip ;]

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Accountants and mentors: Find the right people to help you start and grow your small business

Accountants and mentors : Find the right people to help you start and grow your small business

It’s no secret that running a small business is challenging. And last year, the COVID-19 pandemic made things tougher than usual for SMEs. To help these businesses, Standard Bank launched a mentorship programme for 20 of its small business clients in August 2020. Run in partnership with the National Mentorship Movement (NMM) ; the intensive 12-month [&hellip ;]

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6 ways automation benefits accountants and SMEs

6 ways automation benefits accountants and SMEs

Cloud accounting solutions have been growing progressively more important over the years. Automation has become particularly desirable during the COVID-19 pandemic.  With the future uncertain, many businesses are trying to keep their costs to a minimum. So, it might seem nonsensical to invest in accounting automation software, but with 64.4 % of SMEs already using accounting software, not investing leaves you at risk [&hellip ;]

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“We have more time for our clients”: Accountant on Sage’s new VAT 201 feature

“We have more time for our clients” : Accountant on Sage’s new VAT 201 feature

VAT submissions take up a lot of time. Human error, manual entries, and cross-checking in between makes this task one of the most dreaded in accounting. Now, thanks to VAT eFiling for Sage Business Cloud Accountants Edition, accountants can automate the VAT 201 submission process. From preparation to submission, and tracking VAT 201 declarations directly [&hellip ;]

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SMEs rate these 3 technologies as crucial to business resilience

SMEs rate these 3 technologies as crucial to business resilience

There are upsides to having your business enter survival mode. Necessity strips away cost and drives innovation. On the softer side, it rejuvenates an appreciation for your people and customers. All-in, those that do manage to skirt insolvency tend to come out the other side more resilient, albeit with a few bruises. This is where [&hellip ;]

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“It turns days and hours into minutes”: Accountant gives insight into the Sage VAT 201 experience

“It turns days and hours into minutes” : Accountant gives insight into the Sage VAT 201 experience

VAT submissions is a complicated process that challenges an accountant’s schedule, attention to detail, and patience. Apart from human error, VAT submissions make quite a dent in an accountant’s resources. Fortunately, eFiling with the new VAT 201 feature in Sage Business Cloud Accountants Edition automates the submission process and allows accountants to prepare, submit, and [&hellip ;]

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The Resurgence: South African businesses are ready to try again [White paper]

The Resurgence : South African businesses are ready to try again [White paper]

A year into COVID, small businesses and accountants are ready to try again with resilience, readiness, and confidence for whatever’s coming next. We interviewed 1,947 small businesses, including 262 accounting practices, to find out how they are coping in the new world of work. We were curious to understand what these businesses are doing to [&hellip ;]

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10 accounting mistakes for start-ups to avoid

10 accounting mistakes for start-ups to avoid

Start-up business accounting is critical because you’re most likely operating your new business on a shoestring budget. Potential investors will want to know where their money is going, so keeping clean, clear books provides a wealth of information about your business, helping you spot inefficiencies, manage spending, and much more. Back-office processes like accounting are [&hellip ;]

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Living in the fourth industrial revolution, now is the time to work smarter, not harder. With a partner like Sage we will always be one step ahead of the curve.

Peterson Khumalo, Managing Director,

Khumalo and Mabuya Chartered Accountants