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Deliver high-quality services on budget and on time, everytime

Make time to innovate and grow your business with flexible business management software that gives you an edge.

Smarter business solutions that let you focus on your clients and not administration.

Time is precious in the highly competitive services sector. Focus your attention on client satisfaction, project delivery and managing your resources. Move to Sage's Finance and X3 Solutions, powerfully built for businesses like yours, shifting your focus on what you do best to deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

Increase billable hours

Boost automation and productivity with streamlined workflows and improved collaboration so you can focus on your clients' needs.

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Satisfy more customers

With data analytics and a holistic insight into employee performance, professional services firms can ensure the profitability of every client engagement.

Increase business agility and flexibility

Flexible business processes and real-time analytics give professional services firms the ability to quickly adapt to clients' changing demands and market pressures.

Enable virtual teams

People and projects are often spread across multiple sites therefore it is crucial to keep everyone working from the same information source and with tools for real-time collaboration. 

Future-proof your services business

Embrace cloud and mobile technologies to deliver a world-class service to your clients and adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Stay ahead of your competitors with an advanced financial management solution by Sage.

Accelerate project delivery. Increase profits by making more informed decisions.

Ensure total compliance

Set workflows and notifications to ensure that everyone sticks to correct procedures and become more efficient in their day-to-day tasks. Create a simple process for customer service teams to follow and ensure that finance teams keep monitoring, questioning or raising any important issues.

Improve cash flow in your services business

Manage billing, payments, revenue and ensure customers are effortlessly kept up to date with their payment schedules. Gain greater visibility over payments and transactions, credit management and revenues across your business.

Make smarter decisions

With a clear view of your business, including sales, your finance department will be able to make faster and more informed decisions. You can also share results so that customer departments are aware of what shortfalls or revenue streams to focus on.

Keep a track of every area of your services business

Sage Business Cloud

Sage Intacct

Financial management software built on a true cloud platform. Designed for mid-sized and growing businesses.

  • Get all the accounting features you need to manage your company’s finances
  • Make data-driven decisions with real-time reporting and dashboards
  • Automate complex processes and cut up to 79% of your close time
  • Accelerate your finance team’s productivity by 40% or more
  • Get functionality pre-optimised for your industry
  • Quickly scale up or down as needed with flexible cloud functionality
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Sage Business Cloud

Sage X3

Take control of your entire business, from supply chain to sales with Sage Business Cloud X3

  • A single solution for managing your core business processes including inventory, sales, customer service, finance and workflow
  • Collaborate across divisions, countries, multiple sites, languages and legislations
  • Manage financial operations with general ledger, cost accounting and budgeting
  • Control procurement, cash flow and business purchases
  • Get 360 degree view of customers across sales, marketing, customer service and support
  • Ideal for manufacturing, wholesale distribution and service processes businesses
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M-PESA Foundation Academy - Kenya

Sage Business Cloud X3 was the one system that could give us exactly what we were looking for. Easy to use, very intuitive, it has automated process and handles everything from payments to financial reporting.

Paul Githuka
Head of Technology and Learning Innovations

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