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Transform your business processes with warehouse and distribution software

Wholesale distribution

It’s easy to overcome distribution management challenges with the best ERP software for wholesale distributors.

Need ERP software for your distribution company?

The route to a more profitable distribution business starts with the right software. Business growth and efficiency can be tough with lots to balance, such as inventory and logistics accounting and financial forecasting, and customer service and marketing.

That’s why it’s important to invest in a powerful, easy-to-use ERP system that encompasses manufacturing and distribution software. The complexity of wholesaling presents major business challenges such as huge product ordering, narrow sales margins, diverse downstream customer requirements, long lead times and unpredictable supply. But with the right sales and distribution tools, it can be simpler.

Distribution software for small business

Own a small distribution business? You don’t need to run a large organisation to benefit from wholesale distribution software. Compiling all your business data into one centralised location will help you significantly reduce complexities and admin time, leaving you to focus on more important matters, such as scaling up your company.

What distribution ERP software can do for your business

Improve customer service with mobile technologies

Keep customers happy by taking control of your supply chain. Mobility, both in the warehouse and out on the road, is one of the major issues affecting wholesale distribution businesses. Without it, your team will be at a disadvantage - they may end up being tied to a computer terminal or wasting a customer’s time in the field. Your business cannot afford to be left behind in this fast-paced industry.

Get the most from your stock

Managing inventory is a constant balancing act to match demand with stock levels. Your fixed assets also have to be kept as low as possible as they represent a significant cost in annual financial statements. With warehouse and distribution software, this balancing act is made simpler. Getting ordering wrong can be disastrous, leading to lost sales and damaged customer relationships, so it’s important to have an efficient product distribution system in place.

Don’t be held back by legacy systems

Consider these questions: Do you know how many units you shipped out last month? What is your most popular item? Who is your best customer? What warehouse sees the most turnover? With a multichannel distribution system, it’s easy to get these answers. For distributors still using disparate legacy systems like spreadsheets and homegrown databases, getting answers to these questions in an efficient and timely way can be extremely difficult.

Powerful capabilities for manufacturing

  • Production management methods by job, order or inventory
  • Automated finite capacity planning
  • Extensive lot, sub-lot and serial number traceability
  • Flexible work order release management capabilities
  • Bill of materials management with a component by date
  • Product configurer, options and variants

Improve reputation, efficiency, and more

Many manufacturers and distributors are on the right path to overcoming challenges and achieving the benefits of sustainability.

The Circular Economy is growing in importance for the environment, as well as for shareholders, customers, and supply chain partners.

This CIO-Sage report will discuss opportunities and challenges surrounding the Circular Economy, with expert advice to help advance your sustainability.

Steer towards a more profitable future with manufacturing and distribution software

With Sage South Africa, it’s easy to cut through the challenges of this complex, fast-moving industry.

Take control of your supply chain

You’ll have improved visibility across the supply chain, ensuring accountability for all stakeholders from suppliers to customers. Get complete oversight of your inventory, product profitability, and warehouse operations so you can choose and fulfil orders more efficiently.

Increase profit margins

With distribution accounting software, you’ll be equipped to make smarter purchasing decisions. Gain valuable insights into how to improve your profit margins, manage supplier quality and performance, and track corresponding invoices and commissions.

Empower your teams

Give your mobile sales force team the tools they need to do an excellent job. With cloud-based electronic ERP software, they’ll have key data at their fingertips whenever they need it, whether it’s customer information, stock levels, past purchase records, or quotes and promotions.

Choose the right wholesale distribution software

Overcome your warehousing challenges with our intelligent, intuitive direct distribution solutions.

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Sage 200 Evolution

Gain full control with smart, cost-effective software

  • Configure and customise Sage 200 Evolution with optional modules for different industries to suit business needs
  • Gain even more control with full inventory management including batch and serial traceability and replenishment
  • Gain better visibility with connected CRM
  • Build and access powerful data insights on the go, in the familiar environment of Excel
  • Reduce complexities with bank feeds
  • Use business intelligence and insights to propel your business forwards


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Sage 300cloud

Sage 300cloud software can help prepare your business for growth. You'll love how easy it is to manage your accounting, inventory, operations, distribution, and more.

  • Gain a 360 degree view of  your entire operation by a single, integrated solution
  • Strengthen vendor relationships and streamline purchasing. Process and track domestic and international orders
  • Manage multiple companies and currencies
  • Automate your finances with simplified monthly reconciliations
  • Simplify your inventory by shipping orders on time, from multiple locations
  • Optimise operations and distribution processes to eliminate waste and deliver on time—every time


Sage Business Cloud

Sage X3

Take control of your entire business, from supply chain to sales with Sage Business Cloud X3

  • A single solution for managing your core business processes including inventory, sales, customer service, finance and workflow
  • Collaborate across divisions, countries, multiple sites, languages and legislations
  • Manage financial operations with general ledger, cost accounting and budgeting
  • Control procurement, cash flow and business purchases
  • Get 360 degree view of customers across sales, marketing, customer service and support
  • Ideal for manufacturing, wholesale distribution and service processes businesses


Sage Business Cloud X3 was the one system that could give us exactly what we were looking for. Easy to use, very intuitive, it has automated process and handles everything from payments to financial reporting.

Paul Githuka, Head of Technology and Learning Innovations
M-PESA Foundation Academy - Kenya

Get advice on managing your distribution business

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