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Sustainability and society

Knocking Down Barriers – we believe everyone should have the opportunity to thrive.

Knocking Down Barriers

In today's world, not everyone is given an equal chance. Discrimination, bias, lack of education and unequal access to technology are creating barriers for many people to succeed.

We don't think that's right and it's our pledge as one of the UK's biggest technology companies to knock down these barriers to create equal opportunity.

We are committed to investing in education, technology and environmental change to give individuals, SMEs and our planet the opportunity to thrive. Our goal is to use our technology, time and experience to back a generation of diverse, sustainable businesses.

We will do this in three key ways. Explore further to uncover our goals.

Our three pillars

Tech for Good

Data is empowering people across the globe to run businesses, develop skills and thrive. Learn how we’re knocking down barriers to ensure everyone has equal opportunities to access life-changing data and technology. ​

Fuel for Business

Starting or growing a business is a proven route to economic stability, wealth creation and well-being, but the opportunities to succeed aren't always equal. Discover what we're doing to help under-represented groups get a fair chance.
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Protect the Planet

To tackle the climate crisis and protect the planet we're taking action on our own environmental impact and supporting SMEs to make it easier for them to do the same.

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