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Software serving millions

We make life easier for small- and medium-sized businesses with AI-powered software. From automating invoices to supplying business insights, our technology removes friction for millions of people worldwide. With Sage, our customers achieve more than they thought possible, and it’s all because of our extraordinary colleagues who redefine limits.

"Do the right thing" is our mantra

Our values


We make strong connections with customers and colleagues through empathy and care.


We deliver our promises to our customers, colleagues, society and shareholders.


We are curious, courageous, ambitious and creative.


We strip away complexity.

Where ambitions flow

Our colleagues have the same goal, to knock down barriers so everyone can thrive. To do this, we go beyond checking boxes by pushing boundaries and exploring the untapped possibilities of what can be accomplished. It’s like uncovering a new version of who we can be through our work, energised by customers who deserve the best.

40+ offices globally

Our offices span cities, continents and time zones, giving us a cultural edge to innovation.










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Unleash your potential

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"Always be you."

Steve Hare, Chief Executive Officer

One of our core values is doing the right thing. That means taking action to create an environment where everyone can thrive, not just talking about it. Our DEI strategy comprises six pillars: Ability, Gender, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, Race and Ethnicity and Social Equity, and is powered by dedicated teams and Colleague Success Networks.

Meet your (future) team

Our extraordinary teams are influential drivers who embrace stepping up and into the spotlight. They’re committed to the success of our customers and are energised by a high-challenge, high-reward culture. At Sage, our only competition is on the outside.

Product Delivery and Data

The force behind making Sage flow for millions of customers, they leverage technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Our Marketing teams are the promotional engine of Sage and are relentless in boosting growth and redefining possibilities.


Our Account Executives and Sales Representatives seek opportunities to make life easier for people, one product at a time.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service teams come to the rescue for small- and medium-sized businesses with solutions that enable them to thrive.

Corporate functions

Empowering 11,000+ colleagues globally, these teams are the hidden backbone for removing barriers and promoting ambitions.

Global Security

Staying a step ahead of threats, our Global Security teams instil confidence in customers and colleagues and ensure their days are uninterrupted.

Everyone has flexibility

From our 10-week work-away programme to hybrid working, our environments are designed to work. Wherever in the world our colleagues are, we trust that they’re setting high expectations for themselves and each other because they care about our customers.

150,000 days of work, donated

Sage Foundation

Starting on day one, colleagues are given five days of paid time off to volunteer for causes they care about. However they choose to donate their time, from skill-based support to manual labour, we actively encourage them to give back to the community. Since 2015, Sage Foundation has supplied almost 150,000 volunteer days and $4 million to causes.

Everyone has a seat at our table

Whether you’re starting or restarting your career, we’re prepared to give your future a boost.

Graduates and interns

Embark in active learning with guidance from the best in the industry, and experience your potential.

Career start or restarts

Come curious and claim a new sense of independence with on-the-job training and more.

Colleague feedback

4,800+ colleagues anonymously rated their experience of working at Sage on Glassdoor.

In case you’re wondering

We offer hybrid working, a mix of at-home and in-office time.
Work is important but so is the rest of your life. Our complete rewards package keeps both home and work in mind so you get what you need to be your best, regardless of whether your laptop is on or not.

Check your email – do you see a confirmation message from us? Great! The ball is in our court. We personally review and respond to every application, so be on the lookout for an update from us. While you wait, view Life at Sage on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. If you need additional assistance applying, reach out to us at [email protected].

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