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Streamline compliance with automated VAT submissions

Start saving time by reducing your admin by up to 25% and easily submit VAT declarations without leaving Sage Accounting.

Get your tax right

Start using Sage Accountants Edition so you can better manage your Sage Accounting clients' VAT transactions with ease. With automated VAT submissions, you can eliminate manual processes, which will assist you in removing the risk of human error.

Streamline VAT submissions

Easily prepare, submit, and track your clients' VAT201 declarations to SARS eFiling without having to leave the Sage Accountants Edition.

One central location

Manage your small business customers from one central location, helping you increase efficiency, whilst reducing admin.

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Sage Accountant Edition

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Set up, access, and manage all your Sage Accounting clients in one place.

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  • Free, unlimited No. of Accountant Edition Users: for internal use for your clerks and partners only
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  • Automated VAT Submissions
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"Living in the fourth industrial revolution, now is the time to work smarter, not harder. With a partner like Sage we will always be one step ahead of the curve."

Peterson KhumaloManaging Director
Khumalo and Mabuya Chartered Accountants - South Africa


Here are a few ways to help you get started:

View demo

See the VAT submission in action. Watch this short demo video to see how you can easily prepare, submit, and track your VAT201 Submissions through Sage Accounting Accountants Edition.

Online training

Get started with free online training. Register for a free online course taking you through the core functions of the VAT module in Sage Accounting.


VAT201 returns can now be submitted directly to SARS by Sage Accountants Edition. This eliminates the manual process that drains your time, whilst also removing the risk of human error - the figures are automatically uploaded to SARS.
No for now only the submission of your VAT201 returns is done through Sage Accounting. Your tax payments are still done directly through SARS eFiling.
For the first time on every profile you have, you will need to login to SARS eFiling. Click here for the steps activate your profile/s.
The "Electronic submission" button will not be visible if you are not on the Sage Accountants Edition or if your VAT period is still open. The VAT period needs to be closed in order to process the return.
You will need to map the VAT code to the correct tax box via the VAT allocations.
The new VAT201 wizard is available for VAT periods 2019 and above.
You will need to complete your VAT201 report within 30 days. Please note this time period does not affect your VAT201 report once submitted to SARS.
At the moment the VAT201 returns submitted between 6:00am and 18:00pm will be queued and processed by SARS after 18:00pm. Submissions made between 18:00pm and 6:00am will be processed immediately.
Your data gets uploaded when you first click on the VAT201 wizard so should you have any changes you will need to restart the VAT201 wizard to incorporate these updates. It’s important to note that if you reopen a closed VAT period your VAT201 report will be removed as we assume you are wanting new data included and you will need to submit a new report.
The South African Revenue Service currently only allows a user to electronically submit their VAT201 report once through an accounting software product. When re-generating your VAT201 you will have to select to generate a manual VAT201 Report (PDF) to download, after which you’ll need to make use of SARS eFiling online functionality to resubmit.
In this initial release we do not accommodate for a diesel refund. If you are registered for a Diesel refund you will need to submit your VAT201 submission directly through SARS eFiling. We would however like to track the demand for this so if this is essential to you please complete this form.

We understand that some of our customers feel more comfortable with their current submission process so to keep this option available you will see two options available - the original report,  VAT201 Calc., and added a new report, VAT201 wizard. 

Please note: Electronic VAT submissions through Sage Accounting are currently only available for Accountants. For more details on the VAT module, sign up click here.

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  1. To receive and maintain access to Sage Business Cloud Accountant Edition, you must be an accountant or bookkeeper providing accounting and bookkeeping services. 

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