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Filing pensions, P60s, and payslips is made simple for your small business using Sage Payroll, now with in-built HR features. Manage leave, timesheets, and expenses to ensure your payslips are accurate and on time. Get 2 months free, then from £10/month (excl VAT).

Managing finances ? Combine Payroll, HR and Accounting as one streamlined solution. They work better together. Explore Sage for Small Business

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Payroll now includes Essential HR

Get core HR capabilities with Payroll. Manage and pay your people from one place. Sage Accounting is available as an optional add on so you can auto-sync your payroll data into Accounting.

Leave management

Manage and approve leave to keep payslips up to date.


File expenses in just a few clicks. 


Expertly manage team resource, and ensure your pay run reflects overtime.

Perfect your admin with Sage Payroll

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Plans to support you and your business

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Payroll Essentials

Pay employees and do essential HR admin.
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Payroll Standard

Manage payroll, people and mobile expenses.
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Payroll Premium

Payroll with advanced HR like tracking hours.
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* Get 2 months free, then £10.00 (Payroll Essentials) or £20.00 (Payroll Standard) or £30.00 (Payroll Premium) per month. These prices exclude VAT. Terms and conditions apply.

5 employees included with the option to add up to 150 employees. Add extra employees in-product starting at £2.00 (Payroll Essentials) or £4.00 (Payroll Standard) or £6.00 (Payroll Premium) per employee per month. The more employees you add to your Payroll plan, the less you'll pay per employee, per month. All prices exclude VAT. 

Need more than Payroll ?


Payroll, HR and Accounting work better together. Try our streamlined solution and get back to what you love : building your business.

Frequently asked payroll questions

Sage Payroll is cloud-based payroll software, meaning you can access it online anywhere, 24/7. It allows you to quickly and easily create employee records and pay your people in four simple steps, while also now giving you essential HR capabilities needed to manage a small team. You can create payments and deductions, accurately calculate PAYE, National Insurance, pensions and more, before creating payslips for your employees and submitting your payroll information to HMRC and pension providers. With in-built HR features, you'll also be able to accurately track and manage employee leave, view reports, and send documents electronically, which ensures that all your records are up to date, and that changes are reflected in payslips. 

It’s designed for sole traders and small businesses operating in any industry, including professional services, construction and retail.

You can use Sage Payroll software either by yourself or with collaborators, and it’s easy to give your accountant access. You don’t need any previous experience with payroll software to get started, you’ll be guided all the way to meet your admin needs. You can also upgrade or cancel at anytime, as well as add apps such as more advanced HR features or Sage Accounting. This lets you manage everything that your small business needs from one place.

While you don’t necessarily need payroll software to run a small business, it is an important tool if you have employees, helping you stay on top of processing payroll and complying with the latest legislation. 

Accurate payroll records are an essential element of your financial records and payroll software helps you maintain consistency. Payroll software also helps you save hours on manual admin and complex calculations by doing all of the hard work for you. 

Sage Payroll is easy to set up so it also removes the need to hire an expert or outsource your payroll requirements. Plus, now you'll get core HR features so you can run your payroll alongside all your people management tasks for speed, accuracy, and streamlined admin. 

Payroll software gives you everything you need to pay your people on time, and includes in-built features to help you manage basic HR tasks. Payroll software automates routine payroll calculations, such as tax and National Insurance contributions (for employees and for you as an employer), making sure you stay compliant with HMRC regulations. 

Payroll software will also do things like calculate student loans and pension contributions, produce online payslips and reports, keep accurate financial records, and provide you with easy access to year-end reports and other important documentation. This is supported by essential HR capabilities which ensure that all of your employee records are accurate and up-to-date.

For more details on how our payroll software works and what it can help you with, explore our Sage Payroll features.

Sage Payroll software works on any PC or laptop (including Mac and Windows), any smartphone (such as iPhones and Android phones), and any tablet device (such as iPads or Android tablets).

Because Sage Payroll works in the cloud, you don’t have to install anything – you simply access the product through your internet browser.

Your data is always protected by bank-level security and is automatically backed up in the cloud. You never have to worry about losing any of your work if your internet connection goes down.

You will get free, award-winning support in different ways to suit you and your business.  

  • Expert 24/7 digital support including a library of webinars, videos, detailed how-to guides, and support articles.
  • Speak to an expert over webchat 7 days a week.
  • Talk to an expert advisor over the phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm.
  • Webinars to watch at a time that suits you.

Access the following resource anytime :

  • Our online community Sage City : Ask questions, share ideas, and solve issues with Sage Accounting customers and product experts.
  • Step-by-step video guides.
  • Instructor-led courses : For anyone wanting to take their skills to the next level, we have hundreds of courses designed for multiple experience levels and job roles. Get certified and earn badges that show your expertise and build up your resume.

HR features of Payroll :

  • Webchat
  • Help Centre knowledgebase 

We also offer support channels on Twitter and YouTube. We are committed to providing you with world-class support for Sage Payroll at every step of your business journey.

After filling in your details, you will be taken to your Login page where you can get started straight away.

We’ll send you a welcome email with a quick-start guide, tips, and helpful resources, including how to get support any time you need it.

As a customer of Sage, you can cancel your monthly rolling subscription in subscription management at any time, and you will not be charged again after the date you cancel. If you cancel during the free period, your account will never be charged. Please note, depending on when you cancel, your subscription may not come to an end until the following subscription month.

Depending on the current promotion, this may also mean you will not be eligible for future promotions or discounts.

More information about terminating your subscription can be found in our terms and conditions.

The Essentials Payroll plan includes essential HR capabilities enabling you to manage and input employee records, track holidays and leave, and basic HR reports.  You'll also be able to electronically send documents, and employees can self-serve to access payslips and documents from the app. You can get more HR capabilities by upgrading at any time to our Standard or Premium plans which included advanced HR features such as HR analytics, custom policies and workflows, expenses, timesheets and shift scheduling. 

When you purchase Sage Payroll you also have the option to add any of our 3 Sage Accounting plans. You can then sync your payroll data into Sage Accounting to get the benefits of seeing all your financial data in one place.

Sage for Small Business is an all-in-one solution that empowers small businesses to manage their business money, people and payroll in one place. Sage has more than 40 years' experience perfecting accounting, payroll and HR software, and makes running a small business easier for over 1 million customers. Calculate employee pay and deductions quickly and accurately while staying on top of people management processes with Payroll and HR features. Then add Accounting to get paid faster, stay organised, and get your taxes right first time. Explore Sage for Small Business.

Explore Sage for Small Business

Buy Payroll and you can automatically support 5 employees. It's easy to add more in-product, up to a maximum of 150 employees. The cost is per employee, per month. The more employees you add to your Payroll plan, the less you'll pay per employee, per month.

Easy-to-use payroll software

Sage 4-step payroll

Getting set up is simple with Sage Payroll. Watch the video and get the job done in four easy steps.

Get more than just great software

Award-winning support

Experts on hand helping you get the most out of your software so you can be more productive.

Member Masterclass

Dip into talks and articles from the world's leading experts to help with business challenges, like using innovation to create impact.

Community forums

Hear from industry experts and connect with businesses like yours to gain useful advice and insights.

Business advice

Access a wealth of practical advice on a range of business topics.


Master the full power of your software with comprehensive learning resources.

Software certification

Take courses, earn certifications and stand out from the crowd.

The ultimate guide to payroll compliance

free e-book

Everything you need to know about payroll legislation and compliance.

Get practical payroll advice

sage advice

Get ahead with Sage Advice on all things payroll
Latest enhancements to Sage Payroll 

Latest enhancements to Sage Payroll 

Explore the latest Sage Payroll enhancements across all our plans and start making the most of your software.

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