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Sage Network:
the evolution of digital accounting

Sage Network brings businesses together through networked accounting. It's a shared platform that seamlessly automates workflows between businesses - even if they don't use Sage accounting software.

What is Sage Network?

Welcome to the future of digital accounting.

Sage Network is a single platform that links customers and suppliers, eliminates manual data processing, and enhances data flow between all companies in your network. Delivering real-time data, this game-changing approach to accounting for small and medium-sized businesses breaks down barriers by offering seamless and connected accounting.

Why now?

Every business action involves exchanging accounting details. Currently, accountants share information by emailing PDFs to each other and manually entering the data into their financial systems (ERPs). But there's a better way to do this.

Sage Network modernises accounting by going digital, turning it from periodic and isolated to continuous and networked, to boost efficiency and help business flow.

Sage Network unites AI-powered automation with a connected community of people, partners, products, and services. This collaboration helps businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

What is the Sage Network Platform?

The modern platform for developing financial and accounting applications.

Designed for developers to build the next generation of multi-entity applications connected to Sage Network, the finance & accounting Sage Network API does more than just give you access to financial data.

  • Lets your app customise storage and processing of your customers' financial data to fit your specific needs.
  • Connects to multiple accounting applications through a single API, both Sage and non-Sage.
  • Speeds up your time to market.
  • Helps you boost revenue and get the most out of your profit margins.

The Sage Network API opens doors to a world of apps and APIs that simplify tasks like supply chain financing, loan origination, continuous audits, and credit management. Developers can use it to create apps that connect with Sage accounting systems and more.

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