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We're one of the leading names in payroll software for a reason. With over 40 years in the industry, we are the trusted HMRC-recognised experts. That’s why over 40% of the UK's businesses pay their people using Sage 50 Payroll.

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Take control of your payroll with HMRC-recognised software that automates all your key tasks and processes.

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Achieve peace of mind with payroll software that helps you stay complaint and up-to-date with the latest legislation.

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With seamless integration with Sage 50 Accounts, reduce duplication of work and risk of error's giving you back valuable time to focus on your business.

Why choose Sage 50 Payroll?

Sage 50 Payroll pricing

 HMRC-recognised software, ideal for payroll professionals and business owners who have advanced payroll needs.

  • Smart, powerful payroll, up-to-date with the latest HMRC legislation
  • Comprehensive reporting for better data visibility and control 
  • Integrates seamlessley with Sage 50 Accounts to reduce duplication
  • Automate batch processes to help reduce errors and save time
  • Set up Departments and Cost Centre's to help analysis & manage costs
  • Includes HR Advice Online, giving you best practice on HR & Employment Law. 
  • Free on-boarding call and support.

Sage 50 Payroll

£35.00 +VAT/mo
Owner, Bobs Barbers​

Jill Armstrong

“Sage simplified our payroll and made life easier. With easy steps.”


With over 40 years in the industry, accounting and payroll is what we do at Sage. We are the trusted experts for compliance, working closely with HMRC to ensure you’re always up-to-speed. We invest heavily in our software to give you the best tools for enhancing productivity and making the jobs you need to do as easy as possible. And we're always here to help. Whether on the phone, online, or through rich, educational content, we're here to help your business flow. 
Sage 50 Payroll is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses with in-house payroll professionals who can undertake payroll alongside their main role. Sage 50 Payroll rich features and reporting to give you all the insight and data you need to manage payroll costs and the impacts on your business.

Sage 50 Payroll is desktop software with cloud connectivity, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to payroll software. 

A major benefit of desktop payroll includes being able to back-up your data locally, without needing to rely on internet connectivity to access your software. Sage 50 Payroll can handle large volumes of data, without any time lag. But because Sage 50 Payroll is also cloud connected, you and your employees can also access payslips and P60 data online from a browser or our dedicated mobile app, giving you the best of both desktop and cloud technology. Bureau users will also have online timesheet and document collaboration with clients.

Sage Payroll is cloud-based software perfect for start-ups and growing businesses, with a simple 4 step process to complete your payroll. Sage 50 Payroll is desk-top software ideal for small and medium businesses that want to pay their employees quickly and easily but may have more advanced payroll needs such as departmental analysis and batch processing.
Yes, Sage 50 Payroll is 100% RTI-ready. From regular Full Payment Submissions to submitting Employer Payment Summary's, Sage 50 Payroll gives you simple easy guided processes to help you understand your submissions to HMRC and manage your PAYE & NIC. liabilities.
Yes, Sage 50 Payroll with the additional pension module has full capability for all tasks associated with Auto Enrolment pensions. This includes assessing, enrolling and creating communication letters for your employees, right through to cyclical (3 year) re-enrolment duties.
We have an award-winning help centre for all customers, available whenever you need it. Head to Sage Help Centre to find hundreds of help articles, access to Sage City and so much more. If you need help from a human, we have a team of experts on-hand. You can contact us here. 
Yes, Sage 50 Accounts is trusted by nearly 150,000 customers to run their business and submit their VAT. Find out more here. 
Sage Payroll is cloud-based software perfect for start-ups and growing businesses, with a simple 4 step process to complete your payroll. Sage 50 Payroll is desk-top software ideal for small and medium businesses that want to pay their employees quickly and easily but may have more advanced payroll needs such as departmental analysis and batch processing. 

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Assistant Manager

“I have brought payroll in house with Sage in 2 different companies, once in person and once remotely. The service was 10/10 in both cases. The system is so easy to use and the support helpdesk is always so helpful!”

Vanina Seaton-Lopes
Go Global
Accountant & Payroll Manager

“Sage has helped our customers keep track of holidays, streamline auto enrolment and provides detailed payroll reporting by making use of the analysis and department functions.”

Carla Davies
The JDH Group


“We've had great payroll support from Sage who have provided training and updates to make life as easy as possible.”

Rebekah Hare
Mint Construction (Bedford) Ltd
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