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RTI payroll submissions are a click away with Sage payroll software

Sage HMRC-recognised RTI payroll software makes RTI compliance simple for small businesses, charities, retailers and nonprofits.

Making your real time payroll submission

Real-time information (RTI) was introduced in 2012 to make the PAYE system less complicated for employers and HMRC. HMRC now requires all businesses to make RTI payroll submissions.

Tax codes are updated throughout the year and reporting new joiners and leavers is easier with RTI. Employees benefit too as they’re much less likely to be surprised with under or overpayment notices.

Reliable RTI payroll HMRC reporting solutions from Sage

Our payroll software makes your real time payroll submissions straightforward and accurate. We’ve developed market-leading, HMRC-approved solutions that are legally compliant and make RTI submissions to HMRC with a single click. 

There are several different types of RTI submissions, but the most common are the full payment submission (FPS) and the employer payment summary (EPS). Using Sage software, you can be confident that you’re reporting the right data at the right time.

What is an RTI payroll HMRC Full Payment Submission (FPS)?

FPS is the submission you will most commonly make to HMRC. It lays out what you paid your employees in that period and what deductions you made. The details of new employees and leavers are included in this report too. 

If you have a mix of employees paid on a weekly or monthly basis, you’ll need to make multiple FPS submissions each month.

What is an RTI payroll HMRC Employers Payment Summary (EPS)?

Your regular FPS submissions will keep HMRC informed of your PAYE and NIC liability. The EPS is used when you need to recover statutory payments, and if no one has been paid during the period.

The EPS should also include data from outside your payroll that reduces your HMRC liability, such as Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) deductions. 

RTI payroll ID and other data you’ll need from new employees

Getting RTI right is vital to avoid penalties and fines from HMRC. Taking the time to collect accurate information, sending your RTI submissions on time and paying what you owe is essential.

Employee name

Full first name and last name.

Employee date of birth

The format is DD/MM/YYYY.

National Insurance Number

Leave this empty if you don’t know.

Address and postcode

Country is only needed for non-UK residents.

RTI Payroll ID

Find this under employee details in HMRC Basic Tools.

Make it official

Try to check details against a passport, HMRC papers, etc.


 Simplify your real time payroll

Processing leavers and new joiners, accurate reporting of PAYE and NIC, and on-time RTI submissions are fast and intuitive with Sage payroll software. It’s secure, straightforward to set up, and our cloud solution allows you access with a Mac, PC or mobile anytime, wherever you are. 

There’s no need for a payroll expert on your team as calculations are automated, but our award-winning UK support team are on hand 24/7 if you do have any questions. We’ve even made migration from HMRC’s basic PAYE tools effortless, too.


Choose RTI payroll software from Sage

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Sage Business Cloud Payroll
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HMRC-recognised cloud software for small businesses. Designed to help you manage 1-25 employees and stay up to date with legislation.

  • Simple online payroll software for micro and small businesses
  • Access your payroll anytime, anywhere, from a PC, Mac, or mobile device
  • Stay up to date with payroll legislation including workplace pensions and RTI
  • Straightforward steps to prepare your business for automatic enrolment
  • Manage payroll for up to 25 employees and only pay for what you need
*Buy now to get 3 months, then £7 / £12 / £17 / £27 (tier dependent) + VAT per month 
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Sage 50cloud Payroll
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A cloud-connected solution with intuitive tools and insights at your fingertips. Get more from your payroll than simply paying your people. For businesses of any size.

  • Pay employees accurately, on time, every time
  • HMRC compliant and up to date with legislation such as RTI & auto enrolment
  • Unlimited access to Employee Online Services Portal, including Online Payslips and P60s. Option to add Online Timesheets
  • Powerful reporting at your fingertips
  • Market leading support
  • Multi-user, multi company available

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