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Get the most from your employees with performance management tools, systems and software

A performance management system helps you support and retain your best and brightest. We’ll help you support your staff through every step of their professional development. 

Performance management for a more empowered and productive workforce 

Encouraging your employees’ professional development should be a top priority for any savvy business leader. 

Business success is largely determined by their ability to find, attract, and retain the best and brightest minds in the industry. Yet, many businesses continually struggle with this task. The ongoing battle for talent coupled with a high level of employee disengagement is enough to cause valid concern among executives and HR leaders.

Attracting skilled employees is expensive and retaining them is important for efficiency and sustained profitability. Effective people management plays an unparalleled role in preventing the loss of valuable employees. 

Developing an effective performance management process

Every successful performance management system depends on effective communication. It’s important to keep employees in the loop on what needs to be done, who is responsible for what, and what the final results are. 

During regular meetings, managers should focus on exploring what the employee has learnt and their contributions to multiple teams, rather than just their individual performance. It’s also important to provide feedback on a regular basis starting early on to achieve the best results. Using performance management software makes this task easier for managers.

The benefits of performance management

While professional transformation can happen at a local level, it only occurs when the tone is set at the top level. To help employees achieve transformation, you’ll need to incorporate effective performance management and regular feedback into your company’s culture. Developing this culture and the systems to sustain it will create a clear connection between performance and goals, continual development opportunities, and peer recognition.

By actively and continuously demonstrating your commitment to your workforce in ways that are meaningful to your employees, you will be able to realise the benefits of performance management, such as better employee motivation and engagement. Surprisingly, money is not a top driver for performance - instead, employees consider empowerment, development, training opportunities, and self-direction more important motivating factors.

Achieve results with Sage performance management software 

We understand the difficulties businesses face when implementing a performance management process. That’s why we’ve designed innovative and scalable HR and people management systems to make your job a little easier.

Whether you’re a small, medium or multinational organisation we have an HR system to suit your business needs. 

CakeHR by Sage – a performance management system for up to 100 employees that allows you to remotely track, manage and engage your employees.

Sage Business Cloud People – a cloud performance management system for up to 5,000 employees that will help you attract talent while also engaging and developing staff. 

Our software gives you an instant view of your staff’s performance. Reports and dashboards provide actionable insights, allowing you to make smarter business decisions. 

Discover the benefits of people management software from Sage

HR and people management software from Sage transforms how companies attract, manage and retain their workforce. Whether a small, medium or multination organisation (up to 5,000 employees). Cake HR by Sage and Sage Business Cloud People are quick to implement, easy to use and configured to suit your business needs. 

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Instant workforce visibility

Get instant and complete visibility of your global workforce and make better business decisions with smart analytics and actionable insights.
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Increased productivity

Streamline your core HR and people management processes by automating key tasks in a single system across your entire organisation.
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Great workforce experiences

Empower HR and people teams to do their best work, with intuitive user experience across the entire employment journey, on any device.
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Always compliant

Create a single policy for your organisation, whilst remaining compliant with regulations. Designed to support local and global requirements. 

People management software for your business

CakeHR by Sage
Ideal for up to 100 employees

Take a 6 month free trial*. No ties, cancel any time.  

CakeHR by Sage is a cloud HR system for small businesses that streamlines and automates your HR processes across the end-to-end employment journey, reducing admin and manual record keeping.

  • Access your people data anywhere, at any time with a single employee database.
  • Empower your employees with self-service access to their information.
  • Hire the right people with a simple recruitment module.
  • Integrate easily with other services, such as Slack and G-Suite by Google.
  • Automate your onboarding process.
  • Manage schedules, payslips, policies, expenses, absence requests and more.
  • Set objectives, and track your employees’ performance.
  • Manage, track and engage your employees reducing admin and manual record keeping.
  • Integrates with Sage 50cloud Payroll.
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Sage People

Ideal for 100 - 5000 employees

Contact us for pricing - Call 0800 694 0566

Sage People is a global cloud HR and people system that transforms the way mid-size, multinational organisations acquire, retain, manage and engage their workforce.

  • Empower your people to manage their own HR tasks across the end to end employment journey.
  • Highly configurable to create a truly tailored and unique experience for your business.
  • Engage your workforce via a personalised and custom-branded self-service portal.
  • First-class reliable and accurate analytics for smarter people decisions.
  • Built on the Salesforce platform to deliver unparalleled reliability and security whilst meeting global and local compliance requirements.
  • Integration with a multitude of systems including payroll, benefits, workforce management and learning management.
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