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Grow your small business with HR software from Sage

Effective management of the people in your company is crucial for success ; using HR software can take the burden out of HR.

Importance of HR for small businesses

Human resources helps businesses hire the strongest talent and manage staff development so that your team is the strongest it can be. It will also offer more insight into your business and foster a positive company culture, as it shows your staff the commitment you have towards them. With innovative software solutions from Sage, setting up and managing HR processes has never been easier.

Develop staff to help your business grow

As a small business, you may struggle to compete with much larger organisations when it comes to attracting the top employees. Therefore, you may have to rely on developing your existing staff. Using HR software to set objectives and monitor performance as well as manage development plans and training can help you close the gap on larger companies. A workforce that has improved their skills will help you perform better and increase profits.

Managing the financial side

There’s no denying that investing in your staff can help you grow your business, retain staff and reduce costly recruitment processes. If you don’t show effective leadership, you’ll have demotivated staff that are less productive. HR software for small businesses can help reduce the time required for effective people management, particularly when it comes to the administration side. Furthermore, the right systems will provide you with access to legal information, helping you stay compliant and avoid potential legal fees.

Benefits of using HR software for small business

Utilising HR systems helps to streamline your human resources processes and lets you focus on what’s most important to you - sustainably growing your company.

Stay up-to-date and organised

You to have all information easily available to you in one place. Quickly access the latest information on your employee performance and the legislation relevant to you.

Intuitive reporting

Using HR software helps you save significant amounts of time as it puts together and analyses reports automatically for you, giving you actionable insights. 
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Identify and develop top talent

Step up your people management - track your employees’ achievements and provide them the incentives and encouragement to go the extra mile.

Access expert advice

Human resources software from Sage grants you access to an extensive library of guides and a selection of experts to help you get the most out of your HR tools.
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Stay on top of attendance

Monitor staff illness and manage holidays effectively to ensure you don’t end up understaffed.

Our best HR management software for small businesses

Sage 50 HR
£215 + VAT

All the features you need to manage people by recording and tracking HR information in one place. Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses with little or no in-house HR expertise.

  • Securely store and manage all of your employee data in one place
  • Effectively plan your resources by knowing who’s off and when
  • Keep records of all your employees, with no limit to how many records you can store
  • Easily view your employees’ qualifications, development, behaviour, and performance
  • Unlimited access to telephone advice, as well as hundreds of policy documents online
  • Configure to suit your business by number of employees, users, and companies
Pricing based on number of users, employees, and companies.
Sage Business Cloud People

Contact us for pricing

Ideal for 200 + employees.

Sage Business Cloud People is a global cloud HR and People system that transforms the way medium businesses acquire, retain, manage and engage their workforce.

  • All your people information in a single, secure system of record, with access on any browser or device
  • Get accurate and reliable analytics for smarter people decisions
  • Hire the best people, faster, with paperless onboarding
  • Empower your people to manage their own HR tasks
  • Engage your workforce via a tailored and branded self-service portal
  • Benefit from unparalleled reliability and security, while meeting global and local compliance requirements
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