Deliver effective leadership with business succession planning

Ensure the continued success of your company by deploying leadership development.

Deliver effective leadership with business succession planning

Ensure the continued success of your company by deploying leadership development.

Deliver effective leadership with business succession planning

Ensure the continued success of your company by deploying leadership development.

Guarantee sustainable business growth with a robust succession strategy

Help your employees grow into leaders to protect the future of your company.

Part of effective leadership is planning for the time you won’t be in charge. Having a business succession planning process in place ensures that your junior star employees are ready to take charge when current leaders leave or retire. By fostering professional growth and the development of leadership skills in your employees, you are ensuring the continued growth and development of your company for the next generation.

Integrate Sage HR software into your succession planning process 

Implementing effective leadership development relies on accurate data. You need to know which employees are exceeding expectations, help them set goals to enhance their leadership skills and track their progress, and of course forecast future company growth. With our state-of-the-art cloud-based HR software, you can make all this a reality.

A potential future leader is often mistakenly identified as someone who has risen through the ranks quickly or someone who is consistently a high performer. While these are important factors, it is more important a talent and succession planning process identifies the employees who have the ability to drive not only themselves, but the whole team to perform better.

Our HR software can then be used to take the guesswork out of your succession strategy. It provides a single source of reliable information, so you can instantly assess potential leaders based on their past performance and progress. After you’ve identified employees with leadership potential, it is important to inform them of this and start actively developing the necessary skills in them. With our HR software, you can assist employees to set leadership development goals based on actionable insights and then monitor, measure, and record their growth. These detailed records are instantly downloadable as reports or dashboards to ensure everyone is always on the same page.

We’ve specifically designed all Sage products to support your company’s future growth. After all, you need to be able to see the whole picture to safeguard your company’s continued success. Our software allows you to combine data about employees’ achievements with other business information, so you can make informed decisions and streamline your succession planning process.

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Establish a succession strategy for lasting business success

Your corporate succession planning and strategy should be based on two key factors: your business goals and your employees’ performance.


Business goals

Every company should ensure its activity is focused on achieving a strategy. Employees only excel when their goals are aligned with business objectives and they know where to direct their efforts. So, it's vitally important business goals are integrated into your talent management and succession planning.

Employee’s performance

Identifying employees with the potential for effective leadership is one of the first steps to the succession planning process. Look for employees that consistently exceed expectations, show superior commitment to the company and its values, and play an important role within their departments.

Create a feedback culture to promote performance management and identify rising stars

Regular appraisals help you to identify and develop tomorrow’s business leaders. Studies have proven annual appraisals to be ineffective at promoting leadership development. Instead, employees achieve greater results when provided with early and frequent feedback. Developing strong communication between employees and managers allows you to effectively groom future leaders.

Natural leaders tend to have a restless energy they’re keen to put to good use, even if it’s outside of their role. Appraisals provide insight into who is taking on additional responsibility and going above and beyond. With frequent reviews and effective performance management, you’ll always know who your high achievers are. This allows you to develop them into effective business leaders.