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Our cloud talent management software transforms business succession planning

Robust succession planning tools protect the future of your company and guarantee sustainable business growth. Sage’s talent management software helps your employees reach their leadership potential. 
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Why talent management and succession planning tools are vital for businesses 

An essential part of any effective management is preparing the next generation of leaders of your organisation. Having a business succession planning process in place ensures that your junior employees are ready to rise to the challenge when current leaders leave or retire.

Supporting professional growth through training and development opportunities cultivates leaders who will ensure the continued growth and development of your company.

But implementing effective leadership development relies on accurate data. You need to know which employees are exceeding expectations, help them set goals to enhance their leadership skills, track their progress and forecast their growth in the company. You can make this a reality with our sophisticated online HR software.

What is talent management software?

Our HR software takes the guesswork out of your succession strategy. It provides a single source of reliable information, so you can instantly assess potential leaders based on their past performance and progress. When you’ve identified employees with leadership potential, you can use succession planning software to start actively developing the necessary skills in them.

Sage’s HR software lets you set leadership development goals based on current performance insights and then monitor, measure and record employee’s growth. Our flexible and intuitive dashboards allow you to instantly customise, download and share reports to ensure everyone has visibility on progress.

Identify rising stars with leadership development software

Identifying employees with the potential to lead your company is one of the first steps to the succession planning process. Look for employees who consistently exceed expectations, show superior commitment to the company and its values, and play an important role within their departments.

A potential future leader is often mistakenly identified as someone who has risen through the ranks quickly or someone who is consistently a high performer. While these are important factors, a talent and succession planning process should identify the employees who can drive not just themselves but the whole team to perform better.

Natural leaders tend to have a restless energy that they’re keen to put to good use, even if it’s outside of their role. Frequent reviews and effective performance management provide insights into who is taking on extra responsibility and consistently going above and beyond.

Studies have shown that early and frequent feedback is more effective in promoting leadership development than annual appraisals. Strong communication between employees and managers allows businesses to effectively train and prepare future leaders.

Find out more about Sage HR software

Discover how Sage HR software and consultancy services can improve your talent management and business succession planning. 

How does talent management software work?

Talent management systems let you create a corporate template that will help you discover your very best players, wherever they work, and set a clear development path to keep them engaged. Succession planning makes it easier to compare diverse candidates and prepare them to meet your leadership needs. 

Match business goals

Aligning your workforce development targets with your business goals lets employees focus their energy - talent management software makes it simple to layout expectations and help star players excel.

Spot talent globally

Using a single, central database makes it straightforward to find and nurture your top talent and simplifies creating a succession planning system

Consistent corporate framework

Succession planning software gives you a consistent framework of skills and competencies to look for in future leaders, so it’s easy to evaluate and compare skillsets fairly.

Continuous progress tracking

Setting development goals and monitoring progress is simple and transparent for line managers and employees with talent management system software.

Improved employee experience

Talent management software automates many of the admin processes that HR and line managers need to complete, freeing up time to work on face-to-face coaching and mentoring.

Access anytime, from anywhere

Cloud succession planning tools can be accessed 24/7 on a Mac, PC, mobile or any WiFi-enabled device, so it’s easy to capture staff feedback and business wins.

Choose HR talent management software from Sage

We design all our Sage products to help your company thrive and grow in the future. When it comes to identifying leadership potential, you need to be able to see the whole picture to safeguard your company’s continued success. Our talent management software captures data from every aspect of your employees’ performance and achievements, so you can make informed decisions about succession planning.

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