Process payroll and payslips with HR software from Sage

Payroll software will eradicate errors and make it easy to pay employees on time every time.

Process payroll and payslips with HR software from Sage

Payroll software will eradicate errors and make it easy to pay employees on time every time.

Process payroll and payslips with HR software from Sage

Payroll software will eradicate errors and make it easy to pay employees on time every time.

Save valuable time and money with digital payslips and automated payroll

Did you know? Digital payslips cost 70 to 90% less than paper payslips (CIPP, 2017)

Manually issuing payslips can be complicated and time-consuming. Getting payroll right is crucial for keeping employees’ happy. One payroll mistake can cause employees to lose confidence in their employer. Manually issued payslips can easily contain errors or even worse payments can be delayed when unexpected payroll process issues arise.

Payroll software from Sage automates the payroll process. Helping you flag errors and identify issues before they affect employees. Saving you valuable time and money while also boosting employees’ confidence and trust in your business. It’s the perfect service for small, medium, and growing businesses.

Take care of business with Sage payroll software

Our experience has allowed us to perfect our services to become the UK’s number one payroll provider. We work closely with HMRC to ensure you’re always up-to-date on the latest tax legislation. You can count on our cloud-based payroll software to always get the job done.

How payroll software from Sage works

Payroll goes beyond simply paying employees. You need to calculate promotions, retirement plans, maternity leave, and much more. Not to mention tax changes, company acquisitions, restructures, relocations, and expenses. Our payroll software will help you manage it all and make it look easy.

Discover the benefits of Sage payroll software

Our payroll software will streamline the payroll process. We’ll make it easy to pay employees on time, create payslips, automate tax calculations, and submit to HMRC online.

Take the headache out of compliance
Cut down time spent on payroll admin
Pay your people accurately every time
Manage your payroll on the go 24/7
Automatic enrolment for your employees
Use it on a Mac, PC or mobile

Take advantage of digital payslips

Our innovative payroll software lets you automatically issue digital payslips.

Unlike outdated paper payslips, digital payslips are secure, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and accessible 24/7. Employees won’t need to worry about misplacing or keeping last month’s payslips. With so many clear advantages, it’s not surprising that over 58% of businesses now provide employees with digital payslips.

Boost efficiency with digital payslips

Automate payslips and make your employees a top priority. Employees quite rightly expect to be paid accurately, on time, every time. They should never need to worry about hiccups in the payroll process.

Encourage employee engagement and retention
When staff are paid on time without issue, they’ll be happier to go the extra mile and remain loyal to your company.
New opportunities
Streamlining the payroll process frees up your HR team so they can focus on growing your business and supporting employees.
Maximum efficiency
Automating payroll means you can say goodbye to manually tracking employees’ information, time management, salaries, holiday time, and taxes.
Reduce errors
Automatically backing up employees’ data protects against typos or other errors that damage employees’ confidence.
Save money and the environment by switching from outdated paper payslips to digital electronic payslips.

Keep your payroll process GDPR compliant with digital payslips


GDPR regulations require employers to safeguard employees’ data. Paper payslips can easily fall into the wrong hands and compromise sensitive information like salaries, home addresses, and much more. One of the best ways to ensure your payroll process is GDPR complaint is by migrating to digital payslips. Digital payslips consolidate all of your employee data in one secure location and give you control to who can access these sensitive documents.

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