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Empower your business with onboarding and HR software

Good quality HR onboarding software and programs help you nourish employee productivity and fulfilment, while boosting efficiency and driving profit.

What is HR management excellence to you, and how will you achieve it?

Attracting the best candidates and making the most of your existing talent are challenges many human resource managers are familiar with. To find and retain top-performing employees with the right combination of skills, competency, experience, work ethic and attitude, it’s important that you position your company as an employer of choice, and encourage staff engagement.

It won’t be simple or happen overnight but the reward is worth the effort, as top employers tend to have more motivated staff and get better recruitment results.

If you’re thinking about HR management services and how to elevate your business above the competition, consider your recruitment and onboarding software. They form the foundation for how you engage with jobseekers, welcome new staff and support your existing workforce. So, if you’re not making a great first impression now, maybe it’s time to review your current HR system and practices.


Could the right HR information system help you build a better workforce?

Your people – and their assessment of you as an employer – are key to the lasting success of your business. As such, it’s important that your chosen HR information system (or HRIS) helps you serve and develop staff, fostering enthusiasm and loyalty.

Whether you’re running a small business, a charity or a large global company, you could benefit from taking a holistic view of personnel time and attendance. With good HR software and solutions, you can track which departments are struggling with people management and where employees might need additional support to gain genuine job satisfaction and feel valued.


Monitor and motivate your teams with human resources software

Effective tracking, from the application and hiring process and throughout your employees' careers, is vital to keeping your workforce happy and productive.

That’s where agile HRMS, recruitment and onboarding software packages can really make a difference. With smooth processes, motivated people and a good reputation in place, your company will find it easier to attract and hire rising stars in your sector. Automated time and attendance features will allow you to better understand your team members’ working patterns and needs, with easy access to overtime, annual leave and absence rates in one central, cloud-based database.


Finding HR software solutions that work for your business

Implementing good human resources software will enable your business to grow faster and more efficiently within Nigeria and beyond, by streamlining and automating many different types of admin processes, including payroll and payslips.

The ideal HR and onboarding software should be an everyday tool that helps you do the best job possible, in less time and with less human error. Powerful HR software systems and tools should also allow you to plan ahead and manage any unexpected labour requirements, as well as increases in demand for your products or services.

Explore HRM software from Sage

Find out more about HR management and onboarding software from Sage, facilitating better ways of working as a business. With intelligent, data-driven planning capabilities covering the entire employment journey, as well as instant access to employee reports and dashboards, our simple human resources software will help ensure you make smart business decisions every time.

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HR and Payroll

Integrated HR and payroll for increased productivity, growth and people empowerment

  • Improve productivity through integration
  • Incorporating HR technology into business processes
  • An agile, powerful HR and payroll application
  • Flexible and configurable

"We needed a solution that was compatible with our existing systems, easy to use, and that offered tax flexibility. Sage offered all that and more."

Martie Nel, Regional Finance Controller
Radisson Blu Hotels - South Africa

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