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Supply chain software for real-time insights

Improve supply chain management and take control of inventory and logistics hassle-free. Sage software lets you automate manual processes, get real-time insights on inventory levels, and boost your logistics to serve your customers faster and more efficiently, giving you the competitive edge.

How do you handle the challenges of supply chain management?

A successful supply chain management strategy lets you see and control the flow of goods and services across your business, geographies, and stakeholders with real-time updates—so you can make fast, data-backed decisions in confidence.

Accurate demand forecasting

Kick off strategic supply chain processes like raw materials planning, financial planning, and manufacturing.

  • Estimate future demand using predictive analysis of historical data.
  • Optimize inventory for a product by predicting future sales.
  • Make better-informed supply decisions.

Inventory management

Avoid disappointing customers and missing potential sales, and keep warehousing costs and inventory write-offs to a minimum.

  • Utilize inventory management methods such as just-in-time (JIT), just-in-case (JIC), material requirement planning (MRP), and days sales of inventory.
  • Automate workstreams for real-time visibility across locations and more accurate inventories and production schedules.

Global supply chain complexities

Global supply chain interruptions can lead to increased operational costs and administrative costs, as well as quality risks when hastily sourcing new suppliers.

  • Avoid unexpected events like economic fluctuations and political instability through risk management.
  • Stay compliant and avoid fines and damage to your company's reputation.
  • Identify and manage challenges. Avoid over-reliance on a single supplier and issues with supply chain visibility.

Key benefits of Sage supply chain software

Sage software can help you streamline the management of your supply chain, making collaboration effortless while boosting your business's efficiency and resilience.

Forecasting and demand planning tools

Optimize inventory, reduce stockouts, and minimize excess inventory.

Procurement and supplier management

Centralize information to improve cost control and get quicker answers.

Automated order management

Automate purchase orders with Sage software and manage transactions throughout the sales cycle.

Manage your team efficiently

Manage teams from any location, and access and manage contacts anywhere through Outlook.

Logistics and transportation

Manage transportation routes, oversee warehouse operations, and reduce delivery lead times.

Warehouse and inventory management

Get real-time insights on stock levels and order status, and react swiftly to supply chain disruptions.

Demand management and demand forecasting

Use data and analytics to predict future demand, and simplify your inventory, returns, and adjustments.

Multi-location inventory tracking

Simplify your inventory, returns, and adjustments. Ship orders on time from multiple locations.

Explore our supply chain software solutions

Our supply chain solutions help thousands of businesses manage supply chains and remove the complexity of inventory management.

Sage 200 Evolution

Gain full control with smart, cost-effective software

  • Configure and customise Sage 200 Evolution with optional modules for different industries to suit business needs
  • Gain even more control with full inventory management including batch and serial traceability and replenishment
  • Gain better visibility with connected CRM
  • Build and access powerful data insights on the go, in the familiar environment of Excel
  • Reduce complexities with bank feeds
  • Use business intelligence and insights to propel your business forwards


Sage 300cloud

Sage 300cloud software can help prepare your business for growth. You'll love how easy it is to manage your accounting, inventory, operations, distribution, and more.

  • Gain a 360 degree view of  your entire operation by a single, integrated solution
  • Strengthen vendor relationships and streamline purchasing. Process and track domestic and international orders
  • Manage multiple companies and currencies
  • Automate your finances with simplified monthly reconciliations
  • Simplify your inventory by shipping orders on time, from multiple locations
  • Optimise operations and distribution processes to eliminate waste and deliver on time—every time


Sage Business Cloud

Sage X3

Take control of your entire business, from supply chain to sales with Sage Business Cloud X3

  • A single solution for managing your core business processes including inventory, sales, customer service, finance and workflow
  • Collaborate across divisions, countries, multiple sites, languages and legislations
  • Manage financial operations with general ledger, cost accounting and budgeting
  • Control procurement, cash flow and business purchases
  • Get 360 degree view of customers across sales, marketing, customer service and support
  • Ideal for manufacturing, wholesale distribution and service processes businesses


What our customers say about our supply chain software

By switching to Sage supply chain management software, our customers experience a variety of bottom line and efficiency benefits.
sage 100

With Sage we can quickly identify cost anomalies, trends, or potential issues with a warehouse or vendor before it's too late to take corrective action.

Dean Beck, VP & CFO
HJS Packaging & Distribution

sage 300

We needed to do everything better — financial reporting, AP processing, inventory control, procurement, and supply chain management. QuickBooks wasn't cutting it so we made the move to Sage 300.

Carrie Magee, VP of Finance
Ignite International Brand Ltd.

sage x3

Improved sales forecasting, combined with our ability to monitor what customers have on their shelves, allows us to maximize revenue and optimize deliveries.

Jeremy Myrick, IT Manager
Skagit Horticulture

Inventory management is a critical part of your supply chain

Find out how Sage solutions can help you forecast more effectively, free up cash tied up in excess inventory, and avoid running out of stock.

Inventory management

Supply chain management FAQs

Supply chain management is the backbone that keeps businesses running smoothly and efficiently. It includes all the activities involved in the flow of goods, services, information, and finances from the initial procurement of raw materials to the final delivery of products to the end customer. It is about managing the entire journey of a product, from its creation to its consumption. Effective supply chain management ensures all the different parts of the supply chain work together seamlessly, optimizing performance, minimizing costs, and ultimately delivering value to customers. This includes sourcing materials, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and distribution.

There are various types of supply chain management (SCM) software available on the market. The choice of software depends on the specific needs and requirements of a business. Many solutions include demand planning, inventory management, procurement, and warehouse management. 

Some offerings include global, cloud-based SCM software that helps businesses optimize their end-to-end supply chain design, planning, and manufacturing. Many offer features such as inventory management, demand planning, and transportation management. Some SCM software provides real-time visibility into inventory, demand, and supply, allowing companies to make more informed decisions.

Other solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enable better demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and delivery route planning. Choosing SCM software that enhances visibility, collaboration, and efficiency across the supply chain is essential.

Sage offers Sage X3, which helps you keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory status.

Supply chain management (SCM) is not a type of enterprise resource planning (ERP). However, ERP systems often include modules for supply chain management. ERP software is an integrated suite of applications that allows businesses to manage and automate various operations, including supply chain management. It provides functionality for managing financials, inventory, procurement, manufacturing, and other business processes. SCM is a subset of ERP and focuses specifically on the management of the supply chain, including logistics, procurement, inventory, and demand planning. Sage X3 is an example of ERP software that includes supply chain management features.
The supply chain and logistics are closely related, but they have distinct differences in focus and scope. The supply chain encompasses the overall process of sourcing, processing, and delivering goods to the end customer, while logistics specifically deals with the movement and storage of goods between different organizations within the supply chain.

AI's ability to work with sparse data, integrate disparate sources, continual learning, and accessibility through cloud services makes it a powerful tool to drive supply chain efficiencies and insights for small to mid-sized companies who many not have large data volumes initially. 

AI can help integrate data from multiple sources - even sparse datasets from suppliers, logistics providers, and sales. By consolidating and analyzing this distributed data intelligently, AI can extract valuable insights for predictions and prescriptive recommendations that may not be apparent through traditional methods such as business intelligence.

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