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Boost business with cloud-based CRM software and tools

Considering online accounting and CRM software? Take customer relationship management to the next level with CRM solutions that drive revenue as well as customer loyalty.

Learn about CRM software for small business

Customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions can help your business engage more effectively with customers and new leads, based in Nigeria and around the world.

Unlike ERP, which focuses on business operations, CRM software is designed to track customer interaction and organise your marketing. It has many advantages, but its overriding goal is to improve customer relationships for B2B as well as B2C companies, including ecommerce businesses. CRM systems achieve this by automating your communications and activities across all relevant departments, such as sales, marketing and customer support.

Products and technology vary from one CRM software company to the next, but a good CRM platform for small businesses always makes your life easier. With every customer interaction stored in one place, it’s simple for your team to collaborate and nurture relationships. You will also be able to see how your sales and marketing campaigns are performing in real time, helping you make better informed business decisions.

How CRM systems work

Cloud-based CRM and sales software gather data on any interactions with your existing and potential customers, organising it in a centralised, online system. This makes it simple for you and your colleagues to track past customer interactions and encourage prospects to buy, through automated outreach, sales campaigns and targeted marketing.

Why use CRM tools?

Among the standout benefits of CRM software integration is the time it can save your business. With the application of an intuitive CRM system, all your customer data is easy for users to access, optimising workflow and internal communications, while facilitating a positive, personal experience for customers. It also allows you to easily evaluate progress and devise effective strategies moving forward.

Let CRM software enhance your customer services

Powerful CRM software solutions equip your marketing colleagues with the tools they need to identify the sources of leads, opportunities and closed sales. Planning campaigns and targeted email marketing is seamless, with all your business information readily available within the customer relationship management system. And you can track any subsequent customer orders using your ERP or business management solution.

Keep customers happy

The implementation of web-based CRM and accounting software gives your customer services team a complete view of the customer life cycle, enabling them to resolve queries faster, with more personal responses.

Push sales with the right CRM software

Business CRM software solutions streamline the sales process by automating tasks, such as creating quotes and orders, forecasting sales progressing leads, and converting this information into opportunities using sales workflows.

Get the right message across

An integrated CRM system allows you to build targeted campaigns based on customer information, generating a higher return on your marketing budget.

Reach the right audience

Leverage reliable data generated by your customer relationship management software to target customers who might be interested in your new products and services.

Use CRM software tools to nurture productivity and profitability

Sage Business Cloud CRM solutions offer a faster, more effective approach to customer relationship management. Save time and money with cloud-based sales software that fuels long-term business growth.

Help your teams achieve more

With a consolidated view of data, CRM software packages help you handle customer relationships more efficiently and avoid duplication of work.

Keep your best customers

Use the in-depth data and end-to-end view of the customer life cycle that your CRM system builds to up-sell and cross-sell.

Improve your marketing

Drive sales and profits with targeted campaigns based on the customer information that your CRM software generates.

Top features and benefits of CRM software for small and medium-sized businesses

Keep all your data in one secure place

CRM software stores all your customer data in a central, secure location so it’s always up-to-date. This includes email and communication histories, sales quotes, orders received, opportunities, and open, as well as resolved, support cases.

Automate your sales process

CRM tools and sales software are able to automate many day-to-day tasks, including order processing, lead management and sales forecasts. This minimises the time you need to spend on manual tasks, like scheduling sales calls.

Target your marketing better

Our CRM software lets you build more targeted marketing campaigns and generate campaign reports within minutes – paving the way for a higher return on your investment, faster.

Deliver world-class customer service

Using a dynamic CRM system to nurture client relationships and give customers an excellent experience will do wonders for your retention rate. Satisfy your customers to drive growth and outperform the competition.

Gain important business insights

Generate different types of reports for key areas of your business, including sales, customer services and marketing. CRM software programs can even measure business performance against KPIs, allowing you to evaluate your position and strategise more effectively.

Easily manage and grow your contacts

CRM platforms are built to manage information on all your contacts, including phone numbers, emails and postal addresses. This gives users easy access to any details they need from their desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, wherever they are.

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