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Experience the power of connected CRM software

Manage customer relationships, boost sales and grow your business with cloud-based CRM systems and solutions from Sage.

What is CRM software?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a way of tracking and managing interactions with prospects, leads and customers as they move through every stage of your sales cycle.

While ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software helps you focus on running your company, CRM solutions, products and packages help you focus on your customers. 

An effective CRM system can help improve customer relationships by organising and automating communications and activities across sales, business development, marketing and customer service departments. 

And because every customer interaction is stored in one place, you and your team can nurture these relationships at every stage.

Whether you’re in the B2B or B2C market, CRM tools also give you an insight into how your sales and marketing campaigns are performing – helping you make more informed decisions.

How do CRM systems work?

CRM or customer relationship management systems work by collecting all your customer data and organising it into a centralised and accessible system or application. This includes every single interaction with leads, clients or customers. 

This technology allows you to track and reference customer interactions to improve customer service and move prospects forward through automated outreach, sales campaigns and targeted marketing.


Why use CRM tools?

Customer relationship management software enables your employees to spend less time searching for customer data and more time developing relationships. It helps them understand customers better and have more personal, relevant and up-to-date interactions.

As well as helping your people deliver better customer service, the data provided by CRM solutions can support your people leaders and management to evaluate progress and devise more effective strategies moving forward.


Deliver exceptional customer service

CRM tools can help your customer service team quickly find your customers’ details and manage relationships more efficiently.

And when you receive an order for your product or service, you can then track those orders through integration with your ERP or business management programs.


Improve customer services

With a complete view of the customer life-cycle, your people will have all the tools they need to resolve issues and queries more accurately, personally and quickly. 

Boost your sales

CRM software can help you simplify the sales process, shorten sales cycles and make the most of every opportunity.

The innovative technology behind CRM solutions helps automate repetitive tasks, like creating quotes and orders, forecasting sales, progressing leads and using sales workflows.

It also gives you access to reliable, up-to-date customer data to help you create targeted B2B and B2C marketing campaigns – giving you a better return on your investment.


Market more effectively

With an integrated CRM system, you will be able to create targeted campaigns based on customer information and deliver a better return on your marketing budget.

Pitch new products to the right people

With better business insight, you will be able to leverage reliable customer data and target customers who want your new products and services.

Improve productivity and profitability with CRM software

Ready to find the perfect CRM system? Choose from our fully integrated CRM solution or select individual sales, marketing and service modules to suit your needs. With simple CRM software integration and implementation, you can even combine our system with your accounting software to create the perfect CRM and accounting solution. 

Help your teams accomplish more

Avoid duplication of work and handle customer relationships more efficiently with a consolidated view of data.

Keep your best customers

Get an end-to-end view of the customer life-cycle and capitalise on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Market your products and services

Send targeted marketing campaigns based on up-to-date customer data to increase sales and drive growth upwards.

Why choose Sage CRM ?

Our innovative, cloud-based CRM software is packed with features and benefits.

Centralise your information

Store your customer data – including emails, quotes, orders and support cases – in a central, secure location. And because it’s all in one place, you can be confident everything’s up to date.

Automate sales

Day-to-day tasks like order processing, lead management and sales forecasts are all automated – cutting down time at your computer carrying out manual tasks like scheduling sales calls.

Access anywhere, anytime

Our cloud-based customer relationship management system can be accessed wherever you are – from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. 

Provide world-class service

Improve your retention rate, drive growth and outperform the competition by providing your customers with an exceptional customer experience.

Get valuable insights

Measure how your company is performing against KPIs and make more informed decisions by generating reports for key areas like sales, customer service and marketing.

Manage your contacts

Securely store contact details for all leads, clients and customers – making it quick and simple to access phone numbers, emails and addresses ahead of calls and meetings.

Get practical customer relationship management advice

Read our latest articles and guides on topics including CRM, accounting, technology and strategic planning and implementation. 

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