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Sage webinars and on-demand videos

Check out our plethora of live and on-demand webinars to help you work from home effectively, manage your cash flow and take care of your payroll and employees during these uncertain times.

Upcoming webinars

Register below for upcoming Sage webinars targeted at a variety of industries, professions and Sage business solutions and learn how Sage can help your business adapt and lead through uncertain times and emerge stronger from this COVID-19 ordeal.

Sage UBS UI/UX release

Get a full look at our Sage UBS latest innovations and learn how our exciting new features empower you to stay more efficient and productive than ever.

When: 8 Jul 2020, 3pm SGT

Recovering from crisis

Join us for this panellist discussion to learn how businesses are coming back online in a post Covid-19 world and dealing with challenges including managing costs/cash flow, automation projects, workforce productivity and safety, and continued supply chain disruptions.

When: 9 Jul 2020

Registration opening soon

On-demand webinars: Business Management Solutions

View on-demand webinars specifically created to help you be more productive working from home.

Unlocking value from Sage Enterprise Intelligence & Sage X3

Date recorded: 17 Jun 2020

Leverage SEI for data-driven insights, empowering you to overcome the challenges of cash flow stability; changing customer and supplier demands. Discover features, including fast deployment; single-pane view of data across all systems; seamless access across any device; Excel-Add ins and more.

Automate your cash flow forecast and account receivable collection

Date recorded: 10 Jun 2020

Learn how you can gain a real-time view into your cash flow position, and have an effective tool to manage your accounts receivable collection and get paid faster, leveraging technologies from Sage CashView and Draycir Credit Hound.

Enable sales anywhere

Date recorded: 3 Jun 2020

Find out how you can enable your staff to work remotely and equip them with the right tools to manage the sales process effectively. Learn how AutoSimply mobile solutions enable sales to take place anywhere and anytime, synchronize transactions with your Sage 300 real-time and eliminate labour intensive data entries in the back office.

Smarter remote working with Orchid Systems

Speakers: Anne Fouche & Nathalie Lesbre, Product experts from Orchid Systems 

Date recorded:  27 May 2020

Learn how an on-premise Sage 300 installation can form part of a hybrid-cloud environment that supports remote working. Experience a demonstration of real-life business scenarios featuring a selection of Sage 300 add-ons from Orchid Systems.

Leverage on SEI for data-driven insights

Speakers: Sage experts, Rong Chuan Lim & Nicholas Lim

Date recorded: 20 May 2020

Sage experts show you the advantages of Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) and how you can make your data work harder for you through dynamic and well-defined report templates accessible anywhere, anytime.

Working remotely with Sage CRM

Speakers: Rong Chuan Lim, Sage Solution Consultant & David Beard, Sage CRM Principal

Date recorded: 13 May 2020

Find out the business value in adding CRM to your Sage 300 installation and see CRM in action through a demo.

Norming Resource Manager, a work-from-home solution with Sage 300

Speaker: Linda He, Vice President at Norming Software

Date recorded: 6 May 2020

Norming Resource Manager is a fully integrated Sage 300 web-based ISV solution to help you manage your company’s business operations. Learn how this solution helps you be more productive working-from-home.

How to make your Sage 300 application work-from-home capable

Speaker: Charles Cheng, Director of Product Engineering Asia, Sage

Date recorded: 29 Apr 2020

Explore the latest capabilities of Sage 300cloud, the companion user interface to your Sage 300 system. Learn how you can deploy it today to address your need to provide an effective solution to your work-from-home dilemma.

On-demand webinars: Payroll

View on-demand webinars for Sage payroll products

Sage Payroll Clinic

Date recorded: 2 Jun 2020

This webinar covers four important features in Sage Payroll - no pay leave deduction, salary reduction, EPF manual adjustment, advanced pay and more.

Sage EasyPay Clinic

Date recorded: 5 Jun 2020

Learn how to generate Pay Export details, utilise export features through Core and Payroll modules, how to generate customised letters and more.

Practical insights and best practices to navigate uncertainties

Business continuity: How to confidently approach it with a clear focus

Business continuity: How to confidently approach it with a clear focus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is rightly considered the most significant challenge to daily business of the modern era. But its business disruptions are not unique: the financial crash of 2007/08, the Fukushima nuclear reactor burnout, and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 all left long-lasting global footprints on business. Business disruptions happen – and seemingly with increasing regularity. […]

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Coronavirus: How accountants can offer support to their clients

Coronavirus: How accountants can offer support to their clients

Learn how your accountancy practice can support your clients as they tackle a number of business challenges due to coronavirus.

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Coronavirus: 5 important things manufacturers need to focus on now

Coronavirus: 5 important things manufacturers need to focus on now

As with other businesses and industries around the world, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has resulted in a hugely challenging period for many manufacturers around the globe. In our conversations across industry, we detect a mixture of emotions. There is uncertainty and nervousness, but also an underlying excitement. Here are what we believe are the key […]

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While rebuilding your business, check these important numbers

While rebuilding your business, check these important numbers

Keeping tabs on these metrics will help you track your recovery progress As your business rebuilds, key performance indicators (KPIs) let you quickly check on how your company is doing. Bringing to light where you can improve is essential to moving forward and achieving your business goals. Focus on these five KPIs to help steer […]

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7 Ways to improve employee productivity

7 Ways to improve employee productivity

Is your team too busy to get any work done? It may sound like a silly question but consider how many days you’ve started the morning with a set to-do list, then got waylaid by meetings and emails. Sound familiar? Over a third of 3,500 employees, we polled admitted to being productive for less than […]

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Coronavirus: 5 important lessons to boost supply chain efficiency

Coronavirus: 5 important lessons to boost supply chain efficiency

Discover how dual sourcing and automation can help manufacturing, logistics and warehousing firms with supply chain efficiency.

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