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The best human resources management software

Celebrate your people and get recruitment right every time with a human resources management system, also known as HRIS software.

Your people are your most important asset

The success of any business depends on its people and Sage HR software will help you get to know your employees. They represent your company’s greatest asset, therefore hiring the right people is important. This is particularly true if you value strategic workforce planning.

The cost of recruiting, onboarding, and training the wrong person, followed by termination and another round of recruiting, can cost a company as much as three times the first year’s salary for the position in question.

But it’s about more than saving money on human resource management. The wrong hire can disrupt productivity, sour the attitude of your teams, and even cause turnover of other valuable top performers. So, how can you avoid a bad hiring decision and master human resources management?

People management: Your keys to HR success

People management, that is your ability to attract and keep the best people, will determine your company’s future success. But it’s not just about who offers the highest salary. Getting people management right means offering each employee the best training, environment, and experience. You must ensures they’re happy, engaged, and motivated.

A smooth human resources planning or hiring process

Working with hiring managers, plan a smooth recruitment process—for internal employees and applicants. You should also ensure a full and thorough onboarding process and provide regular feedback. Monitoring the progress of your hires and providing support where it's needed will help employee retention.

The good news is with the right human resource management software, you can equip your business with everything you need for a happier, more productive workforce.

HRIS systems and the hiring process

An effective hiring process starts with the company approving and posting the position. From there, recruiters or employers must screen and interview applicants. Then, they can check the background and references of candidates before making a final decision and offering a job. The company then determines a start date and prepares the applicant for completing a job orientation. The best HRM software can help with this process.

Human resources management software


A complete on-premise human resource management solution that will help you maximize every dollar you invest in your employees.

  • Manage time and attendance
  • Go paperless
  • Manage your employee benefits
  • Make smarter decisions about your people
  • Use powerful HR add-ons
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Sage Business Cloud


Transform how you manage and engage your workforce with our global cloud HR and People management solution

  • Increase team efficiency and productivity through the automation of key tasks and workflow
  • Empower teams to do their best work, by providing tailored and meaningful experiences that matter
  • Get instant workforce visibility and actionable insights, from a single source of truth
  • Engage your workforce via a tailored and branded self-service portal
  • Benefit from unparalleled reliability and security, while meeting global and local compliance requirements
  • Stay compliant with secure Canadian data residency
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Sage HR formerly CakeHR

Solve your HR challenges. Onboard your employees, automate your HR process and get meaningful insights.

  • Achieve full visibility of your remote workforce, with an online employee database that’s your single source of truth.
  • Give your employees instant and remote self-service access to everything they need, such as payslips, company policies, updates, absence to leave requests, schedules, and more.
  • Enable your people to request leave, check vacation balance and see who’s away, any time, anywhere.
  • Share goals and priorities to unite team efforts while you can’t be in the office. Align with your company vision, and keep track of progress.
  • Easily handle receipts without unnecessary trips to the office - employees submit expenses simply by photographing the receipt directly from the mobile app.
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Get practical advice about human resources

On our blog, you'll find great articles, advice, and insights that will help you manage your people.

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The more we do with Sage Business Cloud People, the more strategic the HR team can be to the business and help achieve our ambitious growth aspirations.

Lee Shaw, Head of HR Service and Delivery
Shawbrook Bank