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Keep track of your employee data

Core Sage HR & Leave Management

"I've got so much more time now to work on higher level strategic initiatives. I was doing so much admin work, processing, paperwork."

Joely Clark, HR Manager, Cleveland Group

Leave management

Simplify leave management: automate time-off processes, allowing employees to request, managers to approve, and HR to track leave seamlessly.

Employee database

Organize and store all your employee information in one central and secure place.

Mobile app

Fully mobile access to data, calendar, requests, and approvals for managers and employees.

Customize Sage HR to fit your business

Choose the add-on modules you need and bring all your HR tools into one platform.
Target Overview Create Report Company goals MY AW MY SM LF MY SM +12 Team Goals Individual Goals Company Goals 40% Team Goals 80% Individual goals 60%

Performance management

Set your people up for success with effective performance management tools.
  • Set goals and OKRs that challenge and develop your people. Align individual and team efforts with your business objectives.
  • Schedule and manage 1-to-1s.
  • Collect 360° and fast feedback from teammates and managers.
  • Create surveys to gauge employee satisfaction and engagement.
Jenny Wilson JW Approve Day Start End Total Export Monday 01.05.23 - - - Labour Day Tuesday 02.05.23 9:00 17:00 7.50h Wednesday 03.05.23 9:00 17:00 7.50h Thursday 04.05.23 9:00 17:00 7.50h Friday 05.05.23 9:00 17:00 7.50h Total 30.00h


Streamline processes, increase project visibility, and stay on budget with timesheet software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Employees track hours worked and submit timesheets to manager for approval.
  • Set up who approves timesheets for whom.
  • Employees clock in and out via Dashboard or mobile app.
  • Run quick and easy reports to see timesheet approval statuses.
All Teams Publish Employees 08 Mon 09
Tue 180h 45h 6 Shifts 45h 6 Shifts Sync with my calendar Jeffrey Brooks 37.5h JB 7.5h 1 shift 7.5h 1 shift Christine Prince 37.5h CP 7.5h 1 shift 7.5h 1 shift Riz Peterson 0h RP Sickday Sickday Jenny Wilson 0h JW Available Not

Shift scheduling

Take the hassle out of shift scheduling. Set up, manage and assign shifts in Sage HR using a digital and interactive planning tool.
  • Interactive and fully automated drag-and-drop tool to manage and plan shift schedules.
  • Employees can view all assigned shifts, including automatic ad hoc updates.
  • Schedule groups, areas, and templates slash the time spent on admin.
  • Set-up and configure shift scheduling so it works your way for your business needs.
Expense Reports All submitted expense reports From To Employees Amount Category Status 3391.37 AB Anna
Beck 27.19 Office Supplies Not submitted CP Christine
Prince 629.24 Business
Travel Pending Approval Paid Paid Paid


Snap receipts, attach them to expense reports, and submit for approval through the Sage HR app.
  • Employees can submit expenses to managers for approval using their mobile.
  • Review expenses and approve with the touch of a button.
  • Turn receipts into expense entries automatically.
  • Uncover insights into expenses incurred by your employees.
Mon Tue Wed 4 12:00 16:00 5 9:00 14:00 6 13:00 16:00 11 12 13 18 19 20 25 26 27 11:00 Call with Olivia Bryant 4 September 12:00 1 Hour Download calendar event Interview with Olivia Bryant [email protected] OB Accepted Participant Claudia Martin Accepted CM Thomas Hoffman TH Waiting for confirmation


Fill your positions, reduce time to hire and feel confident you’ve hired the right person for every job.
  • Use custom application fields for open positions and make it easy for applicants to apply.
  • Customize a hiring flow, and organise pipelines by hiring manager, team etc. and automate tasks.
  • Keep candidate information in one place, including application, documents and conversation history.

Connected Payroll from Sage

Manage payroll easily and efficiently. Choose from a range of payroll , so you can pay your people accurately and on time.
  • Our payroll solutions support thousands of businesses, from start-ups and small businesses, through to established larger companies.
  • Get expert advice when you need it via webchat or online digital content.
  • Connect to Sage HR to let your employees self-serve digital payslips and T4s.

Sage HR modules and pricing

Only pay for what you need with flexible modules. Get started today with 2 months free.

Core HR and Leave Management: $7 per employee/month

Performance: $4 per employee/month

Shift Scheduling: $4 per employee/month

Timesheets: $4 per employee/month

Expenses: $2 per employee/month

Recruitment: $250 per month

Payroll: $20 base + $3 per employee/month

Sage HR

Extended HR tools for small businesses.
Starting at
$7 per employee/month

* Buy now and get 2 months free, then $7 per employee + applicable tax per month (after offer). Price per employee is based on the number of users added to the system. No commitment, cancel at any time.  Terms and conditions apply.

Sage HR frequently asked questions

Sage HR is best suited to small and medium businesses for work on site or on the go. The intuitive design carries over to the Sage HR app so that employees, managers, and HR people can submit and manage time off, expenses, feedback, and more from a desktop or mobile device.

HR applications are used for managing human resources functions like managing time off, expenses, and reviews. Our core HR mobile application works alongside Sage HR, our web-based solution that helps SMEs manage talent, giving users faster access to key features from their mobile devices.

It's free to use if you have a Sage HR monthly subscription.

Online HR apps are a great way to take care of HR tasks on the go.

Your employees can:

  • Request time off from absences to vacation time
  • View pay slips and T4s
  • Access the shared calendar to see who’s available on their team
  • Request feedback from other colleagues
  • Claim expenses in multiple currencies

Your managers and HR teams can:

  • Accept or decline time off requests with instant notification
  • Publish and view pay slips and T4s
  • Access the shared calendar to see who’s available on their team
  • Share feedback with other colleagues
  • Accept or decline expenses in multiple currencies

Yes, Sage HR has a mobile app, which is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The mobile app allows employees and managers to access key HR information and perform various HR-related tasks on the go, such as checking their work schedule, submitting time off requests, and more.  


The Sage HR mobile app is available from Google Play on Android and Apple App Store on iOS. You can also access Sage HR via your web browser in Safari, Chrome or Edge.

Your smartphone will give you more than enough speed to use Sage HR smoothly. Sage HR is designed for high performance even on low internet speeds (around 2Mb). A standard 3G phone connection should suffice for our Android and iPhone apps for accounting.

Sage HR is the ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses, whether you have a handful of employees or up to 250 employees. The software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those with limited HR experience. 

Sage HR is perfect for businesses that want to simplify their HR processes and automate administrative tasks such as self-service, timesheets, leave management, performance management, reporting, benefits administration, and more.


Absolutely. If you purchase Sage HR and want to cancel for any reason, you simply click “cancel my subscription” on your dashboard. Then your subscription ends and you will not be billed for the following month. You can also cancel individual add-on features just as easily. 

Sage HR is ideal for companies with fewer than 250 employees whereas Sage People is ideal for growing multinational businesses with 250-5,000 employees.  

Both are designed to be long-lasting systems, and both solutions give you the fundamentals of workforce management: HR statistics, workforce planning, absence management, timesheets, performance reviews, fast reporting, and hiring. 

What our customers say about Sage HR

Sage HR has been a time saving change for our company. We no longer are emailing paystubs.  We have fewer emails to respond to for time off requests.  Being able to login to Sage HR and address all employees’ time off requests at once has also been a time saver.

Paula Bawa
Finance Department
Local 258 IBEW

Technology & Software

What I love about Sage HR is that you can add on modules as you grow.

Anna Jagric
Director of Operations

Technology & Software

It was the easiest integration ever, and it's been the best support I have received for a platform.

Cristina Oană
Project Manager
Team Extension

Business Services

It is one of the greatest tools we have; we will eventually use pretty much everything it offers.

Laura Di Prisco
Global Culture & People Experience Lead

Technology & Software

It was a pretty easy choice to go with Sage HR; the price was competitive, and the service was better and more personal than the competition.

Elizabete Dikmane
HR Manager

Technology & Software

We were attracted to the Sage HR team because they reflected our own agile culture. They understood our needs immediately and continue to help us 18 months on.

Valdas Simas
Reiz Tech

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