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Construction accounting software & financial management tools

From small contractors to large enterprise builders, more than 50,000 customers rely on the trusted and innovative solutions from Sage for financials, pre-construction, and operations.

We have over 50 years of experience in construction software and have the largest partner network in the industry. Let's build better futures together.

We serve the entire construction industry

With a legacy of trust and innovation, we serve the entire construction industry with our cutting-edge construction accounting software solutions.

General Contractor
Residential/Commercial Sub Contractor
Residential Builder
Architecture and Engineering
Developer and Project Management
Oil and Gas/Energy

Why leading construction firms choose Sage


Get reliable budgets, accelerate estimating, and mitigate risk during the planning process with our pre-construction solutions.


Fast, accurate estimates integrated with job costs and accounting


Secure, organized document management for compliance

Bid management

Prepare invitations to bid and utilize reports to view bid status


Only AI powered takeoff tools

Lead management

Effortlessly track leads and close more deals


Gain real-time visibility into the true financial health of your projects and make confident, data-driven decisions.


Streamlined accounting, budgeting, and financial management


Real-time analytics for data-driven decisions and risk management.


Centralized documentation for internal control and reporting.

Job costing

Integrated job costing with reports, purchase orders, AIA-style billing, and more.


Integrated payroll, built for the complexities of construction.


Drive on-time, on-budget delivery with streamlined project management keep the field and the office connected.


Sync with common construction software to reduce data re-entry

Anytime access

Mobile access to project data, purchase orders, time entry, and more

Service operations

Maintenance for HVAC, MEP

Project management

Tools to manage projects, resources, and sub-contractors

Property management

Easy lease tracking, tenant management, and rent management
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Trusted by the best in the business

Construction leaders rely on our solutions for their financial and operational needs.

48% of the ENR top contractors

rely on our software to help them manage their businesses.

53% of the BD&C giants Top 115 contractor firms

trust our software to help them deliver projects on time, on budget.

#1 provider of accounting and estimating solutions

according to JB Knowledge Construction Technology.

Our partner network has the expertise you need

No matter what size or aspect of construction you are in, Sage has a partner with the specialization and expertise to ensure your success. Sage works closely with a growing number of software developers to ensure our customers have access to the seamlessly integrated, end-to-end construction management solution that's exactly right for their business.

  • Sage has the largest partner network in the industry.
  • Extend software with apps that connect seamlessly.
  • Customize Sage Construction software to fit your unique needs.

Thomas Cochran

CFO, Orion Properties

"I would recommend Sage for companies in the construction space that want to have the best in class technology, for companies that want to push the boundaries of real time integration, for companies that want to be able to provide data to their operational leaders real time, and for companies that want to elevate their accounting and project management staff."

Construction accounting software FAQs

Construction accounting software is a specialized type of accounting software designed specifically for the construction industry. It helps construction companies manage their financial transactions, track expenses, handle payroll, create invoices, manage budgets, and generate financial reports tailored to the unique needs of the construction sector.

Construction accounting is different from regular accounting in a few key ways. First, construction projects typically have long lead times, so construction accounting software needs to be able to track costs over multiple periods. Second, construction projects are often complex, with multiple contracts and vendors, so construction accounting software needs to be able to track all of this information. Third, construction projects are often subject to regulatory requirements, so construction accounting software needs to be able to help companies comply with these requirements.

The cost of Sage construction software varies depending on the features and modules you need as well as the number of users. Want pricing details? Talk to an expert.

Yes, contractors can use cash basis accounting. However, cash basis accounting is not always the best option for contractors, as it can make it difficult to track project costs and prepare accurate financial reports.

Here are some of the benefits of using construction accounting software:

  • Improved financial tracking: Construction accounting software can help you track project costs, manage inventory, and generate invoices. This can help you improve your financial reporting and make better financial decisions.
  • Increased efficiency: Construction accounting software can help you automate tasks, such as invoicing and payroll. This can free up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Reduced risk: Construction accounting software can help you comply with regulatory requirements. This can help you avoid fines and penalties.
  • Improved communication: Construction accounting software can help you share financial information with your team and clients. This can help improve communication and collaboration.

Sage offers solutions to streamline property management for real estate firms. Features include centralized data and documents, simplified accounting and budgeting, maintenance and work order tracking, tenant services like online portals, and compliance tools. This provides an integrated platform to manage properties efficiently.

Yes, Sage acquired Timberline Software, the leading construction accounting and project management solution, in 2003. The Timberline products were rebranded as Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate but continue to deliver the same powerful financial management capabilities trusted by Timberline customers for years.

Customers can keep using Timberline, now called Sage 300 CRE, and benefit from Sage's continued investment and improvements in the software. Sage provides ongoing support and maintenance to Timberline users, ensuring construction firms get the most out of the robust project, accounting and compliance features. The Timberline construction software you rely on is now backed by Sage's commitment to your success.

You will receive more than just great software

As a member of the Sage community, you'll enjoy benefits that help elevate both you and your business, including connecting with brilliant experts and industry peers.

Member Masterclass

Dip into talks and articles from the world's leading experts to help with business challenges, like dealing with change.

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Experts on hand to help you get the most out of your software and enhance your productivity.

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