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Improve workforce productivity with time management software from Sage

Sage HR solutions and time management software provide a complete picture of absence and attendance for your entire workforce, regardless of location. These solutions can also help with employee time tracking.

Master time management and track employee attendance with HR software

What is time management?

It’s how you prioritize tasks and juggle multiple demands. Time management is measured by how effectively you plan your day to get more done. Good time management lets you work smarter and faster. Failing to properly manage time can drastically impact your team, company, and overall performance.

Help employees develop time management skills

A new email lands in our inbox every 10 seconds, the phone never stops ringing, and it seems everyone in the office wants your attention. Employees must know how to manage time and minimize distractions. Consider the following helpful time management techniques:

Assess how you currently spend time

In order to properly plan your day, it’s important to know which tasks require the most and least time. This assessment also allows you to identify where you may be wasting valuable time.  If you're managing a team, consider using an attendance app.

Set goals

Specific objectives help guide you through your day, week, or even month. These objectives should include setting deadlines to boost motivation.

Use a to-do list

A list helps you plan your day, see what needs to get done, and keep track of tasks. So much so, Sir Richard Branson credits his success to to-do lists.


Sort your to-do list from high to low priorities.

Knowing what to focus on first and identifying important tasks ensures your efforts are not being wasted in the wrong areas.

Remove distractions

It’s important to remove or at least minimize distractions. Otherwise, your entire day could be taken up with replying to emails, answering phone calls, or chatting with co-workers. Try using set periods to check emails and avoid social media.

Refrain from multitasking

Multitasking is simply ineffective. By switching between tasks, you ultimately take longer to complete each individual item. Instead, focus on a single task and group similar tasks when working through your "to-do" list.

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Teamwork is key to efficient time management. Ask co-workers for help completing tasks outside your area of expertise. If you're a manager, employee time tracking software can help quantify how long these tasks take. 

Take breaks

Overworking is detrimental to your health and the business. Make sure to take regular breaks, get some fresh air, and step away from your desk. Remember: high-quality work does not equate to high-quantity.

Improve time management with Sage HR software

With the right time and attendance software, managers and HR teams can view critical information and let managers track their time as well as their teams. Our time management software uses cloud technology that ensures constant access to your company’s data.

Whether you’re on the road or working from home, you can instantly access accurate, timely insights with an attendance management program.

You can also make the most of your time by tracking multiple projects based on important factors like time and materials, fixed-price contracts, and more. Plus, share reports with co-workers and other departments, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Manage your employees with our HR and people solutions


A complete on-premise human resource management solution that will help you maximize every dollar you invest in your employees.

  • Manage time and attendance
  • Go paperless
  • Manage your employee benefits
  • Make smarter decisions about your people
  • Use powerful HR add-ons
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Sage Business Cloud People

Transform how you manage and engage your workforce with our global cloud HR and People management solution

  • Increase team efficiency and productivity through the automation of key tasks and workflow
  • Empower teams to do their best work, by providing tailored and meaningful experiences that matter
  • Get instant workforce visibility and actionable insights, from a single source of truth
  • Engage your workforce via a tailored and branded self-service portal
  • Benefit from unparalleled reliability and security, while meeting global and local compliance requirements
  • Stay compliant with secure Canadian data residency
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