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Time management: improving workforce productivity with Sage.

Help your team meet all their deadlines with our timesheet module - perfect for SMB's to keep everything on track and right on time. 

Master time management techniques for better results

Great time management lets you work smarter and faster to get more done.  Time management is simpler with Sage when it comes to tracking productivity, attendance, and engagement. Prioritise tasks and juggle multiple demands with ease so you can take your business to the next level.

Timesheet software solutions with Sage

Get full visibility across your team with Sage HR - perfect for small and medium sized businesses. Give your employees what they need. Get access to data anytime, anywhere, and track multiple projects in one place so you'll never miss a deadline - or an opportunity. 

Accurately assess time spent

Let productivity flow. From planning out your day, to prioritising daily tasks, you can more accurately nail down timescales and deadlines with time tracking.

Real-time views of projects

When it comes to project management, how you use your time is key. Get updates on task management and identify opportunities to delegate, recruit, and flex timescales. Minimise overworking, manage resources, and set realistic deadlines to get things done.

Accessible custom insights

Get real-time views on attendance, productivity, and project statuses with a few clicks. Share custom reports with your team, so you can efficiently manage capacity, resource, and contracts.

Access from anywhere

Manage HR on the go with access to your data from anywhere, at anytime. Review leave and holiday requests, check team availability, and empower employees with self-service from an app via your mobile or device. 

Make your time go further with time tracking

Sage HR

Solve your HR challenges. Onboard your employees, automate your HR process and get meaningful insights.

  • Achieve full visibility of your remote workforce, with an online employee database that’s your single source of truth.
  • Give your employees instant and remote self-service access to everything they need, such as payslips, company policies, updates, absence requests, schedules, and more.
  • Enable your people to request leave, check holiday balance and see who’s away, any time, anywhere.
  • Share goals and priorities to unite team efforts while you can’t be in the office. Align with your company vision, and keep track of progress.
  • No risking infection by multiple handling of receipts or unnecessary journeys to the office - employees submit expenses simply by photographing the receipt directly from the mobile app.
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A time management module built for your business

Learn how Sage can help your business thrive. Our Time management module, built into Sage HR, is ideal for business in multiple sectors, including: 

Retail and Hospitality


Manufacturing and Construction

"I can manage leave, track my staff which makes my work a lot easier. Sage Payroll played a big role—it made a big difference."

Aisha Gassangwa, HR Manager
Newscafe - South Africa

Practical advice on time tracking

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Timesheets and time tracking software FAQs

The best timesheet software module will allow you to track time and attendance as well as projects. Projects timesheets is a new feature in Sage HR to help track hours spent on projects, tasks, or focus areas. The purpose of project timesheets is not related to pay, but to help keep track of what hours you've spent on specific projects, making it easier to assess resources. 

Sage 300 People, our integrated HR,  payroll, and self-service software, contains APIs which allow you to integrate to any third-party software to track your hours spent on a project.

With our Leave Management module, you can handle time off requests and approvals digitally, then track them in shared calendars and reports. With timesheets you can also track overtime hours. This overtime can be automatically broken down into different categories for greater insights. This is particularly useful for differentiating between rates at which overtime is paid, but also for helping you identify the need for extra resource or employee downtime. Within Sage 300 People, our integrated HR,  payroll and self-service software, you will have the ability to import the hours automatically. This will result in calculating the employees salary based on the hours worked on a specific project. Sage 300 People does not have timesheet module within the offering and integrates to third-party software.

With clock-in, clock-out features, you can accurately record when your employees start and finish work. Download the new Sage HR app, and enable the settings to allow self-serve for your employees. They can then use the self-serve functionality to clock in and out via the dashboard on their phones, reducing the need for your input. 

Sage HR provides a number of features to help you carry out all your people management tasks and admin. HR software resources can include: 

  • Managing staff personal details
  • Managing absences including holidays, sickness, parental leave, and other absences
  • Staff performance
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Documentation such as staff handbooks and business policies
  • Working patterns and shift scheduling
  • Timesheet submission and management
  • Recruitment and staff onboarding
  • Company announcements to staff
  • Staff surveys
  • Clock-in and clock-out
  • Expense management
  • Tracking equipment loans such as computers and mobiles
  • Reports for HR and line managers 
  • Information for enrolment and recruitment

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