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AutoEntry data entry software for accountants and bookkeepers

Save time on admin and focus on what matters—providing your clients with the best service, and growing your practice. Automate and streamline data entry across your accounting and/or bookkeeping practice with AutoEntry.

Save time

Save hours of manual data entry by automatically and accurately capturing the data from your invoices, receipts, expenses, and bank statements directly into your accounting solution.


Capture data from a single source, regardless of your accounting solution. AutoEntry automatically captures data and publishes to Sage Accounting, Sage 50, Xero, or Quickbooks.

Go paperless

Minimize the piles of paperwork, filing, and printing that invade your workspace. All receipts and documents are captured and stored in the cloud.

Capture documents with ease

AutoEntry enables you to easily capture data in the way that feels most comfortable and intuitive to your process.

  • Scan receipts individually or in batches.
  • Send documents and receipts by email.
  • Snap and upload pictures with the mobile app.
  • Capture full line item detail, including the description, unit price and quantity for each item with verified accuracy.

Minimize manual errors

AutoEntry has a unique secondary verification process that ensures data captured through upload is accurate.

  • Eliminate the errors of manually keying in transactions.
  • Minimize reconciliation errors during data capture to manage quarter ends with ease and confidence.
  • Gain confidence in the accuracy of your data.

Benefit from smart analysis

AutoEntry uses smart analysis to continually improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data capture processes. Each time you capture data, the app learns how you analyze and process invoices and receipts to more accurately and quickly capture, categorize, and publish verified data to your accounting solution.

  • The more documents you capture and categorize with AutoEntry, the faster and more accurate the process becomes.
  • AutoEntry syncs captured invoices to matching open purchase orders.

Seamless integration with your accounting solution

Auto-publish documents as soon as they are captured to your accounting solution including Sage Accounting, Sage 50, Xero, and Quickbooks.

  • AutoEntry utilizes best in class encryption policies to ensure security.
  • Minimize duplication between data capture and accounting solutions with a seamless integration.
  • Eliminate the complexity of using multiple data capture and automation tools across multiple accounting solutions.

Plans and pricing

It only takes three steps to get started…

AutoEntry is a tool designed to capture, automatically categorize, and publish receipts and invoices into your accounting solution. To get started is simple:

Step 1: Sign up to Sage for Accountants for free. 

Step 2: Use your Starter Kit in your welcome email to get started with a free AutoEntry trial and get access to free tools like Sage Accounting and Sage Payroll and HR. Each tool has its own plans and pricing. Add tools for client work and for your practice.

Step 3: Start using AutoEntry with a free trial, then easily integrate it with Sage Accounting or other accounting solutions that you use to uncover the benefits.

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$17 /month

Basic features include:

  • Capture and analysis of bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, receipts, and more, from any device
  • Full line item capture and line item rules
  • Expense reports with approval
  • Supplier statements with automatic reconciliation
Get started with Sage for Accountants
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Snap receipts with AutoEntry and save over 5 hours a week per client

Automating data entry will help you work faster and more accurately. Shared document storage supports better collaboration with your clients. AutoEntry enables higher-value advisory services.


See AutoEntry in action

See how AutoEntry can automate and simplify data capture for your clients and your practice.

Accountants and bookkeepers love us

"If you can take a selfie and post it on Facebook, then you can use AutoEntry. It's probably one of the most empowering updates to accounting software in the last decade or so."

Sara Gibb
Flow Works Bookkeeping & Consulting

"At the beginning with just me using and learning AutoEntry, I could already see the time-savings but when I start to add my employees in the picture that time-saving grows exponentially. AutoEntry is an amazing product, with incredible customer service."

Danielle Gadoury
D&D Professional Service

"Inefficiency is huge in our industry. We’re all used to dealing with boxes and boxes of paper. We wanted a solution that was going to deal with that so we can grow."

Colleen Hoggarth
Freedom Accounting Inc.

Practice Automation guide

Learn how technology can help you automate manual processes and be more efficient. Download our free eBook to learn more, including:

  • The foundations of automation.
  • Transitioning your workflows to automate processes.
  • How you can work with any client, on any software, from anywhere.
  • How structured, clean data allows you to better understand the big picture so you can do more.
  • How to break free from manual processes with solutions like AutoEntry.
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Why AutoEntry?
Automated data entry for accountants, bookkeepers and their clients.

See AutoEntry in action

Watch an on-demand webinar to see how AutoEntry can help automate your data capture process and save you time.

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