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Time-saving payroll software for accountants

Stay compliant, serve clients easily

Save time with a 3-step payroll process that supports all CRA submissions. Sage Payroll and HR is available through Sage for Accountants to add for your practice or clients.

Earnings & Deductions Review & Complete 3. Confirmation Back to Pay Run List See full summary You’ve completed your pay run. Next steps Send electronic pay statements to your employees through Sage HR Send electronic pay statements Pay your employees Go to payments Total employees in this pay run 7 Total Payroll cost for this pay run $ 18,885.90 Your year to date Payroll cost $ 37,121.24

Sage Payroll

Manage payroll quickly and easily from one place with cloud-based payroll software. Breeze through pay runs in just 3 easy steps.

1. Confirm pay date     2. Update employee absences     3. Review and confirm employee pay    

Payroll confidence starts here

You can easily complete pay runs for your practice and effortlessly support clients with their pay runs too, if they have up to 150 employees. Enter hourly pay or salaries, and we'll handle the calculations.

  • Process pay runs with ease in just a few steps to pay staff quickly and efficiently.
  • Easily check and view historical pay runs and access employee payslips online at any time.
  • Get an overview on your numbers with reports that help you spot trends and opportunities.
  • Help clients stay on top of payroll and manage deductions like pension contributions, income tax, and more.

Compliance you can trust

Easily keep your practice and your clients up to date with the latest legislation. 

  • Submit CRA information digitally, and remain fully compliant. 
  • Keep in line with the latest legislation for the upcoming tax year without the extra admin.
  • Get it right every time with real-time data submissions. 

All-in-one payroll and HR

Get HR that supports your clients payroll. Day-to-day payroll management is made simpler with accurate payroll data and reporting that links with HR, saving you valuable time.

  • Accurately track and manage employee leave for precise accounting data.
  • Organize, manage, and sign documents electronically.
  • Employees can securely view their payslips and T4's online, anywhere.

Seamless integration

Get a clear picture of each clients’ finances with a Sage Payroll and Sage Accounting integration.  

  • Salary journals are automatically posted into accounts for clear insights.
  • When a pay run is complete, the information is shared directly to Sage Accounting. 
  • No duplication of effort, giving you more time back. 

Tackle complex HR tasks

Boost HR for you practice and your clients with a Premium subscription that covers even more for complex people admin that runs seamlessly alongside your payroll.

  • Make it easier for your people to submit expenses, capture receipts, or send expense reports for approval.
  • Set up, manage, and assign shifts in just a few clicks with an interactive, digital planning tool.
  • Add Performance to your plan to get the best out of your team. Create performance development programmes to grow your talent, and grow your business.
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Give clients complete confidence

Sage Payroll software for accountants is secure, compliant, and accurate – the perfect solution to help businesses with up to 150 employees. Sage Payroll helps clients: 

  • Easily collaborate with you in real-time.  
  • Stay on top of payroll online payslips as well as recording payments and deductions. 
  • Lightening fast, Run and export reports to help keep your records up to date.

Clients with more than 100 employees? Request a call back

How does Sage Payroll work with Sage for Accountants?

Sage Payroll can be managed easily within Sage for Accountants, providing you with essential features to simplify your workflow.

What you get with your plan

Get access to one complimentary Sage Payroll plan for up to 150 employees for your practice when you sign up to Sage for Accountants.

Need more? You can add more licenses for your clients at any time through Client Management within your platform, and we'll simply add the costs to your next monthly invoice.

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For practices wanting to automate pricing, client engagement, client management, and data entry to support clients.


For practices that require increased allowances and extra subscriptions to drive practice workflow efficiency.
Get 50% off for 12 months
$90 CAD
$45 CAD per month*
You save $540


For scaling practices that want to charge up profitability and growth with the best tools in the business.
Get 50% off for 12 months
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You save $1,440

*Get 50% off for 12 months on Standard and Premium plans, then $90/$240 +tax/mo (tier depending). Offer expires September 30, 2024. After the promotional period, the monthly subscription rate will renew at the then current rate.

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Accountants discuss Sage Payroll software

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Payroll FAQs for accountants 

Sage Payroll helps you easily manage payroll for clients with a simple 3-step process. For clients it means: 

  • More accurate accounts 
  • Legislation is made simple 
  • Easy collaboration with you in real-time 
  • They get a complete solution with Sage Accounting integration 
  • A better understanding of costs and payroll 
  • Stress-free automatic enrolment 
Our payroll pricing is based on the number of employees your client has. You can easily select the number of employees and view payroll pricing here
The Essentials Payroll plan includes essential HR capabilities enabling you to manage and input employee records, track holidays and leave, and basic HR reports.  You'll also be able to electronically send documents, and employees can self-serve to access payslips and documents from the app. You can get more HR capabilities by upgrading at any time to our Standard or Premium plans which included advanced HR features such as HR analytics, custom policies and workflows, expenses, timesheets and shift scheduling.

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