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3 ways accountants can use automation to free up time for client work

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Sage for Accountants

How to build a human firm

Hear from industry experts Will Farnell & David Rumer as they uncover the 4 crucial steps to transform into a human-centric firm.
Sage for Accountants

The human firm unlocked with Will Farnell and James Ashford

Join Will Farnell as he tackles the eight burning questions that accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners will have right now.
Sage for Accountants

Unlocking profitability: The proven blueprint for a profitable accountancy firm

Learn how you can implement a transformative pricing and selling system that will empower you to deliver exceptional value to your clients.
Sage for Accountants

Accountant’s Guide: How to grow your practice through scalable advisory solutions

Learn how Futrli can help you make clear and scalable advisory solutions to elevate your practice's growth.
Sage for Accountants

Accountant's Guide: How to scale your practice with Sage for Accountants

Discover how you can scale your practice and streamline your processes with Sage for Accountants.

Sage for Accountants

Accountant's Guide: Automate your practice to drive efficiency and growth

In financial management, manual processes are productivity killers. Join this webinar to learn how you can eliminate manual data entry and use the power of automation with AutoEntry by Sage to achieve higher efficiencies and exponential growth.
Sage for Accountants

The Systematic Firm: 6 steps to less work and more life

Join Ryan Lazanis as he walks through how you can build a systematic firm, which aims to reduce your workload and focus on what matters most.
Sage for Accountants

Streamline your day with Bank Feeds

Eliminate the need to manually import your bank statements and save time with simplified and automated bank reconciliation with Sage 50 or Sage Accounting.
Sage Accounting

Cloud as a business strategy not just a technology

Cloud technologies have disrupted traditional workflows. Through the pandemic, we’ve seen an acceleration into new ways of working enabled through a transition to online solutions. Join us in this session as we cover the small business landscape and how Sage Accounting and its integrations, such as AutoEntry, can optimize your workflows and fuel your growth.
Sage Accounting

An Introduction to Sage Accounting

Watch the recorded session to see Sage Accounting in action. Experience its ease of use. See how its clean, simplified workflows mean fewer data errors and mistakes to fix. Discover its intuitive and collaborative features. Get started quickly and easily through the free Accountant Edition, and learn more about the benefits to both your practice and your clients.
Sage Accounting

Migration series—Best practices on data retention in a digital world

What are some best practices for data retention in a digital world? Learn some policies and procedures that you can incorporate into your practice.
Sage Accounting

Migration series—How to successfully migrate your data

In this session you will learn how to move your historical data from Sage 50 to Sage Accounting. Learn which company files can be migrated, how to use the migration tool and where to go if you have questions.
Sage Accounting

Migration series—Steps to creating a successful migration plan for your practice

Learn how to create a step-by-step migration plan that will help you create checks and balances so you can have repeatable success every time you move to Sage Accounting.
Sage Intelligence

Unlock the true potential of your business data

If you’re using Sage Accounting, you have access to the Sage Intelligence module that enables you to run out and customize financial reports and dashboards to suit your unique business needs. What’s more, you’re also able to download them to Microsoft Excel and format them using the features you’re already familiar with to create professional-looking reports.
Sage Intelligence

Get better insights with interactive dashboards

Sage Intelligence is a flexible reporting and analytics solution that's built for accountants and customers using Sage, and is currently available at no additional cost! Join us for this free webinar and learn how these interactive dashboards give you the edge by providing actionable insights to your key financial and sales info.
Sage Intelligence

Working with external data sets

Do you want to compare your Sage Accounting data to data from an external source without manual input? Automatically import data into a Sage Intelligence report to analyze and compare. In this webcast, we'll demonstrate using external budget data. We'll download the report, import the necessary external data, and finally, perform a detailed analysis by adding custom calculations.
Sage 50 Accountant Edition

Cut through the confusion: Understand the differences and choices of Sage 50

Understand the differences between Sage 50 Pro, Premium, and Quantum. We will walk through the pricing of each, what support options are included, and what is new in the latest release.
Sage 50 Accountant Edition

Top 10 tips to create a stress-free year-end payroll

Learn the top 10 tips and checklists that will help you get through year-end payroll processing. Understand how to use Sage 50—Accountant Edition features and reports and how to set yourself up for success into the new year.
Sage 50 Accountant Edition

Do's and don'ts of bank reconciliations

Understand all the do's and don’ts of bank reconciliations in Sage 50 Accountant Edition, and learn how to solve problems when they arise.
Sage 50 Accountant Edition

Inventory—Let’s start right!

In this webinar we’ll go through the following in Sage 50: costing methods, profit methods, pricing, locations and category, linked accounts, adding items, building kits, buying, and selling.
Sage 50 Accountant Edition

Inventory controls and period-end procedures

In this webinar, we’ll go through the following in Sage 50: purchase orders and sales orders, managing inventory levels and your cash flow, new features, delivery order notes and good received notes, credit and debit notes, Report Centre, product analysis, physical inventory, adjusting inventory levels, and transferring inventory.
Sage 50 Accountant Edition

Protect your data. Learn best practices for data back-up and structure

Protect your livelihood. Learn how to properly back-up your Sage 50 data, and what is the best data structure to adopt in your practice.
Sage Payroll & HR

Introduction to Sage Payroll

Experience Sage Payroll's ease-of-use and features that will help you increase efficiencies across your practice.
Sage Payroll & HR

Hiring: Selecting the right team members

Selecting the right team members for your organization is far more challenging than most people think. Only once you become an employer do you fully understand the importance and difficulty of selecting the right candidate. This workshop will discuss ways of selecting the best candidate.
Sage Payroll & HR

6 ways you can build a healthier business

Small businesses have had a challenging time over the last 2 years. From increased inflation rates to the cost-of-living squeeze on customer pockets, there are a few new hurdles to jump as we look at life after the pandemic. Watch the recorded webinar for tips you can use to meet challenges head-on using digital tools focused on the issues affecting small businesses.

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