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Maximise your employees’ potential with cloud-based HR software systems

Attract talent with powerful HR software solutions that keep your employees engaged, happy and productive.

What is human resources software?

HR software is also known as human resource management (HRM) software, or simply HRMS. It gives your personnel colleagues the tools they need to manage employee-related work more effectively. By streamlining and automating everyday tasks, online HR software solutions allow your team to focus on nurturing staff and making your business a sought-after workplace.


Use HR software to attract and build a better workforce

Whether you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise, the ultimate goal of your HR manager should be to help your business become an employer of choice. Excellent planning and human resource management is crucial to achieve this.

Your staff is your biggest asset, and you’ll want to attract the best new talent, with the right combination of skills, experience, work ethic and attitude. If you get it right, the reward is worth the effort, as highly rated employers tend to have a more engaged labour force and secure better recruitment results.

The application of flexible, quality onboarding software can make all the difference when it comes to the hiring process and retaining top talent. From facilitating a smooth first impression on new recruits, to making sure staff are paid on time.



Find the right HR software solution for your business

An integrated, online HR platform that performs well with the software and everyday tool packages you already use will allow your business to grow faster and more efficiently.

Streamlining features of an agile HR system can include payroll automation as well self-service tools that allow staff to submit paperless expenses and holiday requests. With a cloud-based solution, your teams can easily access these tools, whether they’re working in the office or remotely.

Using the right human resources computer software will also allow you to plan ahead, if there is an increase in demand for products or services, like when a seasonal or new product or service launches.

With a good HRM system in place, it’s simple to generate bespoke reports, databases and dashboards that provide actionable insights to help shape your people strategy going forward.


Use HR software to track and manage employees

Effective tracking and performance management, from recruitment to hiring and throughout your employees' careers, is vital to keeping your workforce happy and productive.

Cloud-based human resource tools with automated time and attendance features give you a holistic view of your staff, allowing you to make an accurate assessment of your employees' working patterns and time management. From how much overtime they work and the leave they use, to which departments have higher absence rates than normal.

With all your HR information accessible in one convenient place, it’s easy to see which teams are struggling with people management, and where additional support may be needed for employees to gain genuine job satisfaction and feel valued.

Your HR system will also help you keep tabs on employees’ skills, competency and training needs, identify opportunities for growth and help individual team members stay engaged with their own career development.

Get more from your people with the right HR software program

Explore how our intuitive, dynamic HR platform and mobile phone app could help you nurture staff talent and make collaborating seamless. Boost your business efficiency and revenue, while maintaining an engaged and productive workforce with Sage.

Sage 300 People

HR and Payroll

Integrated HR and payroll for increased productivity, growth and people empowerment

  • Improve productivity through integration
  • Incorporating HR technology into business processes
  • An agile, powerful HR and payroll application
  • Flexible and configurable

"We needed a solution that was compatible with our existing systems, easy to use, and that offered tax flexibility. Sage offered all that and more."

Martie Nel, Regional Finance Controller
Radisson Blu Hotels - South Africa

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