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Boldly modern accounting, ERP, and MRP software for manufacturing

Optimize production planning, streamline supply chain operations, and drive continuous improvement and lean manufacturing with cloud-based ERP and MRP software.

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Manufacturing software built for industry and your unique business needs

From discrete, to custom and process, manufacturers of all sizes, whether small, mid-size, or enterprise level, trust Sage to build innovative ERP, manufacturing, inventory, and integrated solutions that optimize operations with automation and insights.

Precise production management

Manage your entire production process, from planning and scheduling to quality control.

Efficient resource and materials planning

Achieve consistent quality with streamlined BOM management and inventory planning.

Integrated and automated

Optimize operations with seamless integrations, intelligent automations, and data-driven insights.

Scalable and flexible

Grow and adapt with solutions that flex to your evolving needs.

Why manufacturers choose Sage

Operations management

Automate key operational workflows for increased efficiency and better margins.

Production management

Optimize utilization to improve efficiency, quality, and cycle times.

Inventory management

Maintain optimal stock levels for smooth production and to avoid stockouts/overstocking.

Material planning (MRP)

Plan material needs accurately for smooth production runs.

Shop floor control

Streamline and tailor processes to your needs or customize to specific workflows.

Reduce waste

Minimize non-value-added labor with accuracy, automation, and a framework built on industry best practices.

Warehouse management

Automate with scanning options to improve end-to-end accuracy.

Manufacturing accounting and finances

See real-time financial health data for smart, data-driven decisions.

AI-powered accounting

Automate accounts payable, approvals, and revenue recognition.

Multi-entity consolidation

Simplify consolidations and multi-currency management across locations.

Real-time reporting

Easy-to-configure, role-based reports, dashboards, dimensions, and data visualizations.


Centralize documentation for internal control and reporting.

Budgeting and planning

Real-time and agile management of budgeting, planning, and forecasting.

Anytime access

Securely connect and align teams with one source of truth.


Integrate and extend your software for more efficiency and resilience.


Scalable and powerful out of the box with the flexibility to customize easily.

Intuitive interface

Our easy-to-use platform gets you up and running quickly.

Seamless integration

Open API, integration-ready platforms, and a rich marketplace with top solutions.

Data integration

Connect to payroll, CRM, warehouse management, and other systems.
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The preferred MRP and ERP systems for manufacturing companies

With over 40 years of experience, Sage has a proven track record of helping organizations like yours streamline operations and financials.

Cloud deployment options

Customization options

Advanced feature options

Kory Keenan

IT Manager, Kobayashi Healthcare International Inc.

"Our sales have been 10-20% over what was forecast, we're attributing that to increased productivity, increased visibility and increased ability to get products out of the door, in a timely fashion. Whether we are at our desks, or on the go, we can get to our data from anywhere. Bringing it all into Sage, it has given us a ton of benefits."

Explore our MRP, ERP, and accounting software for manufacturing businesses

Discover integrated solutions that put your success first.
 Sage Intacct

Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct

Ideal for small to mid-sized manufacturers who are seeking enhanced control and efficiency.


Discover Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct


  • Streamline and optimize business operations.
  • Cloud-native solution that gives you real-time, anytime, anywhere access.
  • Tailored to meet the unique needs, workflows, and processes of distribution.
  • Drive business growth with an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Sage X3

A complete business management solution tailored to the demanding mid-sized business user.


Discover Sage X3


Ideal for global companies in the manufacturing, distribution, chemicals, and services industries. 

  • Take control of global operations
  • Get the insight you need, when you need it
  • Expand to new markets or geographies
  • Gain agility and focus on your business


Sage 100

A fully customizable, cloud-connected total business management system for medium-to-large manufacturing and distribution businesses.


Discover Sage 100


  • Source, manufacture, and ship more products on time and more profitably than your competitors
  • Accelerate sale closure, improve customer satisfaction, lower administrative and carrying costs
  • Keep track of cashflow with automated bank feeds and reconciliation
  • Stay on top of compliance tax codes, audit histories, and government reporting
  • Gain real-time insights to drive informed decisions

Manufacturing software FAQs

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a comprehensive software solution that integrates and manages all core business processes across a manufacturing organization. This includes functions like production planning, inventory control, procurement, supply chain management, accounting, human resources, and more. An ERP system provides a centralized database and real-time visibility into operations, enabling manufacturers to streamline workflows, optimize resources, and make data-driven decisions.
MRP stands for material resource planning. MRP software is a key component of an ERP system specifically designed to manage production planning, scheduling, and inventory control for manufacturing environments. It calculates the materials, components, and resources required to meet production demands based on sales forecasts, current inventory levels, and manufacturing lead times. Effective MRP software helps manufacturers ensure they have the right materials at the right time, minimizing stockouts and excess inventory.

Both enterprise resource planning (ERP) and material requirements planning (MRP) are commonly used tools by manufacturers. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps manufacturers connect and manage processes across the business in a centralized system, while manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software is a type of software that specifically streamlines manufacturing processes.

So while ERP software gives you a complete overview of planning, inventory management, sales, finance, and people management for resource control, MRP software helps keep track of materials, identifies inefficiencies in a supply chain, and provides data on things like production and stock that can be analyzed to implement better solutions.

Together these offer an all-in-one solution for your organization.

Manufacturing resource planning (MRP) is a software-based system that helps manufacturers efficiently manage their inventory, production scheduling, and purchasing. MRP software helps you:

  • Avoid stockouts and delays by ensuring you have the right parts at the right time to keep production going.
  • Reduce waste and stop things like over-ordering or emergency purchases that eat into profits.
  • Improve efficiency, streamline processes, and free up time for strategic planning.

MRP software helps you stay organized, make data-driven decisions, and drive efficiency.

Discrete manufacturing refers to the production of distinct, individual units or products that can be easily counted, stored, and transported. Examples include automobiles, electronics, appliances, furniture, and machinery. In discrete manufacturing, each product typically goes through a series of assembly steps and processes before completion. This differs from process manufacturing, where the output is a continuous flow of material or batches, such as chemicals, food, or beverages.

Implementing a comprehensive ERP system with robust manufacturing resource planning (MRP) capabilities can provide significant benefits for manufacturers, including:

  • Improved production efficiency and on-time delivery performance
  • Reduced inventory costs and working capital requirements
  • Greater visibility into available capacity and resource constraints
  • Streamlined procurement and supplier management processes
  • Enhanced quality control and regulatory compliance capabilities
  • Better coordination between sales, operations, finance, and engineering
  • Data-driven decision making through real-time reporting and analytics

An integrated ERP/MRP solution equips manufacturers with the tools to optimize their entire value chain.

Adopting cloud-based MRP and ERP solutions like Sage X3 can deliver significant advantages for manufacturers:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to manufacturing data from any internet-connected device
  • Automatic software updates and no need for on-premises IT infrastructure
  • Scalability to accommodate growth, seasonal demands, and production spikes
  • Lower upfront costs with a predictable subscription-based pricing model
  • Robust security, backup, and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Easier integration with other cloud applications for CRM, BI, IoT, and more

By leveraging the cloud, manufacturers can increase agility, reduce complexity, and focus on their core competencies instead of managing IT systems.

Selecting the right MRP/ERP system is crucial for manufacturers. Key considerations include:

  • Evaluate solutions built specifically for your manufacturing type (discrete, process, etc.)
  • Ensure strong capabilities for production planning, scheduling, inventory, and quality management
  • Assess integration capabilities with existing systems like CAD, PLM, and supply chain tools
  • Consider scalability to support future growth and evolving requirements
  • Review mobile capabilities for shop floor data capture and workforce management
  • Evaluate deployment models (cloud, on-premises) based on IT requirements
  • Involve key stakeholders across departments in requirements gathering and vendor evaluation
  • Analyze total cost of ownership, implementation timelines, and vendor support offerings

Taking a holistic approach that aligns software selection with your organization's unique needs is critical for long-term success.

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