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Effortless time and billing software

Turn time into money

Save more time and make more money with Sage Timeslips, the leading time tracking software for attorneys, accountants, and consultants. Try it free. Starts as low as $43/month.
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Never lose a minute with intuitive time tracking and invoicing software

Capture billable hours, increase profitability, and deliver professional invoices for your firm with Timeslips. Sage Timeslips has helped organizations deliver accurate and timely billing for more than 30 years.

Intuitive time entry

Tracking your billable time has never been easier. Our time tracking software offers multiple time entry methods, so you can work seamlessly. Automatically assign rates for certain tasks or employees.

Customizable billing

Send professional invoices with our invoice billing software. Customize bills based on specific billing arrangements, rates, and rules. Apply industry standard billing formats like LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor.1

Simple, robust reporting

Generate detailed reports for all parts of your business with a click. Manage your teams’ productivity and ensure profitability with 100+ predefined timeslips reports covering your business needs.

Sage Timeslips eCenter

There’s no need to wait until you’re back at your desk to record time, tasks, and expenses—or even start a file on a new client. Sage Timeslips eCenter generates time slips over the web or a mobile device in real-time. You’ll serve your clients better by giving them direct access to review their accounts.

  •  Cloud time-tracking web application.
  • Capture time, tasks, expenses, and new client files–anytime, anywhere.
  • Generate timeslips on any web or mobile device.

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Instantly track and convert to billable slips all business tasks performed on a workstation. TimeCapture rules can be set to track time for specific applications, clients, or tasks.

  • Automatic desktop or laptop time tracking.
  • Works in the background while you work.
  • Easily converts work into billable time in Sage Timeslips.

See what people are saying about Sage Timeslips

“I don’t know any other way I would handle time and billing. The database is incredible, and it is just invaluable. Everything I need to know is there, and I can quickly go to it. It’s so fast.”

Jacques LeFore,
President, LeFore Consulting
“The biggest benefit is that it allows us to accurately track our hours and costs for each project. This allows us to predict hours and costs on future projects and, most importantly, improve workflow for our company.”

James Hundt,
CEO, Foresight Architects

"Functionality and features are unmatched. I've looked for products that can do automatic time capture/billing and have never come across a product as feature-rich as Sage Timeslips. The support is also EXCELLENT. I can't help but stress this, whether it's technical support or product usage Sage is topnotch!"

Information Technology and Services
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"Sage Timeslips is a great product, and it is so user-friendly!"

Law Practice
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"I have been a Sage Timeslips user for 26+ years. I love the ease of completing multiple slips for the same client. Easy to use billing program."

Legal Services
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"It's nice to have an electronic way to track time and client work. With Sage Timeslips you can set up multiple users and multiple clients."

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Integrates with your favorite systems

Sage Timeslips syncs seamlessly with the apps your firm is already using to save you even more time. Organize your finances by syncing Sage Timeslips with your favorite accounting apps like Sage 50 Accounting or Quickbooks. Accept payments from clients with ease with LawPay or Paya integrations. Record meetings and appointments based on your Outlook calendar with our Microsoft Office integration.

Sage Timeslips Premium includes everything you need

Starting at just $43 a month, Sage Timeslips helps your business be more profitable and save more time.

Upgrades and services releases

Access to customer support

Remote access through eCenter

Grad Caps – specific training modules built into your software

Looking to upgrade your Sage Timeslips?

Call your Sage Account Manager at 1-800-285-0999.

Time and billing software FAQs

Time and billing software helps to track time spent on projects and bill accurately.
In Sage Timeslips, your time for billing can be tracked using a timeslip. The timekeeper will create a new slip for the many tasks they have throughout the day for the clients. When a slip is entered, you have the ability to enter time spent or even start a timer for exact time tracking. Once slips are entered for the client, a bill can be generated for the client. For the steps to create a slip please visit our Knowledgebase (Article ID 92281).
Time tracking software helps you and your team record time spent on tasks and projects for your clients, so your firm is compensated accurately for hours worked.
Sage Timeslips integrates with all of your favorite tools, including Sage 50, Quickbooks, and LawPay. Learn how easy it is to accept payments for your firm with LawPay
To protect and secure your client's data, we do not currently offer a mobile app for Sage Timeslips. However, for users that desire the freedom of a web-based application, we offer eCenter.  Sage Timeslips eCenter allows the flexibility of entering your time from any device with a web browser.
We have a range of tutorials, articles, and support available for using Timeslips. Browse our Knowledgebase for detailed instructions on how to use Timeslips in your business.
Sage Timeslips eCenter is perfect for anyone who wants to input time on the go. eCenter can be accessed from any device with a mobile browser. You and your team can track their time and expenses with ease from anywhere. The slips sync safely and easily with desktop software for billing, making it ideal for remote teams.
Depending on the features you and your team need, Sage Timeslips costs as little $47/month for powerful time-tracking, invoicing, and more. Learn how to get started free now.
Entering your payments in Sage Timeslips is easy to do. 

  1. Go to the Transactions, Accounts Receivable tab.
  2. Select the yellow add (+) button.
  3. Change the Type dropdown to Payment.
  4. Select the Client, enter the date, check number and amount as required
  5. Click Apply All (or if this is for a specific invoice, follow Article 'How do I apply a payment to a specific invoice?').
  6. Click Save.

For complete detailed instructions on entering payments and more in Timeslips, please visit our Knowledgebase.

It is easy to add a new client into Sage Timeslips. 

  1. Select Names, Client Info.
  2. Click the yellow add (+) on the toolbar.
  3. Enter any desired nickname for your client.
  4. Select a template from the "Set up this record to match fields from: list". If you have templates set up, you can choose to use default settings from the template. Click Apply defaults.
  5. Enter or edit information as needed.
  6. Click Save.

You're all set! For complete detailed instructions on entering payments and more in Timeslips, please visit our Knowledgebase.


Sage Timeslips provides multiple ways of your tracking billable hours to make it easy for you to work. You can set your time though slip entry, slips timers, TimeCapture, eCenter, timesheet entry, and more.

Get started with Sage Timeslips Premium

Spend less time on billing and time tracking and more time on your business.
1. Requires 3rd Party product purchase or subscription.

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