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Sage for financial services

Propel your growth with financial services accounting software and business management software

Scale seamlessly with our cloud-based accounting software and business management solutions that streamline multi-entity management and consolidations, deliver customizable dashboards and reports, and integrate with other operational systems.


Keep your focus on the bottom line with accounting and management software for financial services firms

Keep your focus on the bottom line and stop letting complex systems hold you back. Sage empowers financial services organizations to thrive in today's dynamic landscape.

Automate finance processes

Slash time, costs, and errors with the automation of tedious, manual tasks.

Get rich, deep insights

Make smarter decisions with real-time insights into business performance.

Secure and compliant

Minimize risk through strong audit controls and a GAAP-compliant platform.

Why leading financial services organizations choose Sage

Accounting software for financial services

Accelerate consolidations, invoicing, reporting, and forecasting, so you can focus on driving growth.

Financial services accounting

Manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash management.

Multi-entity management

Simplify consolidations for domestic or global operations.

Financial reporting

Prebuilt GAAP statements.

Advanced functionality

Dynamic allocations, revenue recognition, and more.

Insights and analytics

Real-time and robust reports and dashboards to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Multi-dimensional ledger

Dimension values capture business context and power advanced reporting.


Tailor dashboards and reports to illustrate specific KPIs and metrics.

Budgeting & planning

Data-driven precision in creating budgets and financial plans.

Data and compliance

Keep sensitive financial data safe and efficiently comply with standards and regulations.


Centralized documentation for compliance and reporting.

Cloud security

Third-party penetration tested & SOC compliant.

Fraud detection

AI identifies anomalies and potential fraudulent activities.

Data integration

Seamless integration with payroll, CRM, and other systems.

Payroll and HR software for financial services

Keep your team productive and engaged with people management solutions.

HR automation

Streamline HR processes from recruiting to benefits.


Accurate, easy, payroll processing integrated with HR and accounting.

Time tracking

Track hours, overtime, and leave with seamless payroll integration.

Employee self-service

Empower employees to easily access and manage HR data.

Financial services accounting software that’s customizable to meet the unique demands of your organization

With decades of experience serving financial services companies of all sizes, Sage empowers you to overcome the complexities of accounting and management, helping your team stay focused on driving growth.
Wealth and asset management firms
Family office
Insurance organizations
Private equity & venture capital firms

Lending firms

Fintech providers

The #1 software finance leaders invest in

Isaac Strulowitz
Chief Financial Officer, CoVenture

“Before Sage Intacct, we couldn’t truly spend as much time as we wanted drilling down and analyzing what was in front of us because we spent too much time trying to compile everything. Sage is allowing us to look at information more clearly, more strategically, and more efficiently than we could previously.” 

Powerful accounting and people software for financial services

Discover integrated accounting and HR solutions that put your success first.
 Sage Intacct icon

Sage Intacct

The smart cloud accounting and ERP solution to unleash the potential of your business. Learn why industry leaders choose Sage Intacct.


Discover Sage Intacct


Across all industries, Sage Intacct customers achieve an average of:

  • 250% ROI
  • 6 months payback
  • 79% close time reduction
  • 65% productivity improvement

Rated #1 in customer satisfaction by G2.

Sage HR

Solve your HR challenges. Onboard your employees, automate your HR process and get meaningful insights.


Discover Sage HR


  • Achieve full visibility of your remote workforce, with an online employee database that’s your single source of truth.
  • Enable your people to request time off, check vacation balance and see who’s away, any time, anywhere.
  • Share goals and priorities to unite team efforts while you can’t be in the office. Align with your company vision, and keep track of progress.
  • Easily handle receipts without unnecessary trips to the office. Employees submit expenses simply by photographing the receipt directly from the mobile app.

Financial services business management and accounting software FAQs

At Sage, our business management and accounting software can help financial services firms and is designed to help growing companies manage their financial operations more efficiently. Firms benefit by streamlining their accounting processes, automating financial reporting, managing risk and compliance.

Whether it's alleviating the challenges posed by multi-entity consolidations or staying compliant in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape - Sage serves as the backbone of the modern 'tech stack' for companies across the financial services industry.

Cloud-based software helps financial services firms work more effectively. Cloud solutions offer real-time access, improve collaboration, enhance security, and reduce IT costs compared to on-premise software.

By utilizing Sage, financial services companies can adopt automation for repetitive tasks, utilize data analytics for better decision-making, and implement strong internal controls.

Embracing digital transformation and integrating advanced technologies like AI and machine learning can also lead to significant efficiency gains.

Automate repetitive tasks: automating work such as data entry, billing, and invoicing can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Real-time analytics: Use cloud-based accounting software to provide real-time access to financial data and facilitate collaboration between team members. This can help improve decision-making and increase efficiency.

Financial controls and governance: Set up financial controls to prevent fraud and errors. This can include implementing internal controls, such as segregation of duties and regular audits.

When choosing the best accounting and management software for your financial services firm, there are several factors to consider. These include the size and complexity of your organization, the features and functionality you need, the cost of the software, and the level of support and training provided by the vendor.

Some potential questions to ask when choosing the best accounting and management software for your firm are:

  • What are the specific accounting and financial challenges we are looking to address?
  • What are the essential features and functionality that the accounting software must deliver?
  • How easy is it to use, learn, and customize the software?
  • How secure, reliable, and compliant is the software?
  • How scalable is the software?
  • How well does the software integrate with other systems and software in use?
  • How responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable are the customer service and support teams?

Get more than just great software

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Resources for financial services

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Sage Intacct multi-entity and multi-currency global consolidations

Consolidate hundreds of entities in minutes, not days—improve productivity more than 50%.
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Sage Intacct cloud accounting for family offices

Grow and drive your family office with modern cloud accounting software.

Why growing financial services companies choose Sage Intacct

Time savings, performance efficiencies, multi-entity support, and improved financial visibility to name a few.

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